2013 Daily Photo Project: December

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With the opening of our ski hill delayed from the end of November until the beginning of December, I had quite a bit of pent up anxiety. But once the hill opened up, I spent as much time as I could skiing. So the majority of the selection of my daily photos for this month owe their inspiration to Hudson Bay Mountain. The rest of the month was busy with prep for Christmas and redoing my son’s bedroom.

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December 8: It Was Very Good


It Was Very Good

As I go skiing on Hudson Bay Mountain as often as I can, not only do I enjoy the physical activity, but I also appreciate the opportunity to photograph the beauty that surrounds the ski hill. This particular scene is one I've shot before and I enjoy the depth created by the receding mountains.

One never knows what the weather will be like, and every day is different. But different isn't bad by any means. Ultimately it's just an opportunity to find a new way to be creative.


December 10: Moricetown Canyon


Moricetown Canyon


Moricetown Canyon is an amazing place to visit. About ½ an hour outside of Smithers on your way to Terrace, the natural formations of rock provide amazing pathways for the Bulkley River (especially in winter). I love how over time, the ice builds up into these amazingly round shapes.


December 15: Look Up


Look Up

One of my favourite things to do on the ski hill is to take a few moments every now and again to be still and enjoy the scenery. In this particular case I’m laying back in the snow with my camera over my head pointing up at these incredible trees.


December 16: Snow at Night, a Skier's Delight


Snow at Night, a Skier's Delight


We have a streetlight on the road just outside our home. I’ve decided that this winter whenever possible I want to go out when it’s snowing, look up and photograph the falling snow against the brilliance of the streetlight. Each time will be different for sure, but that’s part of the allure of this little project of mine.


December 21: Brand New Bed


Brand New Bed


A few weeks ago I designed a set of bunk beds for my son’s room. I then sent those plans to my brother who has a portable sawmill at his home. This was the day that he came over and the two of us installed the beast in my son’s room. I love the fact that the wood was sourced locally, and the labor to cut and stain the wood was all local too.


December 22: Flat Light


Flat Light


This was one of those days up on the ski hill that was VERY hard to see the snow that we were skiing on. With the very flat light and dense cloud cover it gave a really mysterious sense of eeriness..


December 25: Three Lamps


Three Lamps


On Christmas Day we found ourselves at my mom and dad’s house for the evening meal. After dinner I went for a walk and after being harassed by a very vocal dog (that ultimately turned out to be a big wuss), I photographed the nice little lamp my parents have in their front yard.


December 26: With the Greatest of Ease


With the Greatest of Ease


Boxing day saw me up on the ski hill again, this time with some Lego minifigures. This particular image is one of my favourites from the several different situations I envisaged for the intrepid little adventurers.


December 27: Twas a Bit Windy


Twas a Bit Windy


While the wind up on the ski hill can be quite stiff at times, it does provide ample photo opportunities such as this. I love how the wind’s effects can be seen in the blowing snow. A few moments after photographing this scene, I walked down the hill some more to shoot another drift, and hearing a little snap, I turned around to see the delicate curved edge disappear into the wind.


December 29: Clouds Over the Valley


Clouds Over the Valley


At the top of the chairlift there’s a warming cabin which provides an amazing panoramic view of the Bulkley Valley. This particular image is a three-shot panorama stitched together in Photoshop. I love how the massiveness of the clouds are exaggerated by how little of the valley floor I included in the bottom of the frame.





Curtis Cunningham, the Northern BC Editor for Wandering Educators, grew up around photographs and fondly remembers spending time with his maternal grandfather looking through his slides. Cameras always seemed to be a part of his life, a fact that can be attested to by the volumes of photograph albums his mother has.

Photography became more serious when his mom bought him a Canon Rebel SLR to take with him when he went to China in 1994 to teach English. After classes he enjoyed walking for hours; photographing all the while. It was good preparation for his current love of exploration.

He started his photography business in 2004 in Abbotsford, BC, and then relocated it to Smithers, BC when he and his family moved there in 2007. He does a wide range of photography, from commercial jobs and passports to family portraits and sport. He loves shooting from a helicopter when the opportunity presents itself, and is especially passionate about the abstract and artistic.

He is a firm believer in the notion that there is beauty everywhere if one takes the time to stop and look for it. The tagline for his business expresses that succinctly: turning ordinary life into extraordinary art.

Visit his website at www.photistry.com.