No One Can Resist the Charm of My Guinea Pig

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Nov 05, 2013 / 1 comments

Two years ago, I got a guinea pig for Christmas. Her name is Ginger. Since she arrived on Christmas morning, I tried to think of all kinds of jolly names for her, like Jingles, Holly, Merry, Mistletoe, etc.  I finally decided on Miss Gingerbread – Ginger for short!


No One Can Resist the Charm of my Guinea Pig


I love taking pictures of her. She is very photogenic! I like to dress her up in hats, coats, and even superhero outfits. And when I’m feeling really crazy, I put her in a wrestling ring so she can fight her enemies.


Guinea pig wrestling


Dude - a Guinea Pig

Ginger is one of my best friends! She is nice and fluffy. When I am cold, I can cuddle with her and I warm right up. Whenever I am taking pictures of her, I am reminded of how special she is to me. She makes me feel all cozy inside.


Ginger and Dylan


Ginger is quite lazy. All she ever really does is eat, sleep, and squeal. The most activity she gets is when it’s time to feed her. Every day at 11am she will start ringing a little bell that I set up in her cage. Just like Pavlov’s dogs, she knows that it is feeding time. If I am even one minute late, she will flip her house over and start making all kinds of noise to get my attention.


Ginger, the Guinea Pig


Ginger is very special. She can turn my frown upside down and always makes me laugh. One of her favorite things to do is hide under the table. Once she gets under there, well, it can take a while to get her out. Even when Ginger is doing absolutely nothing, I think she is adorable!


Ginger the Guinea Pig


The worst part about traveling and having a pet is that she can’t come with us when we fly overseas. Last time we went to Europe, my cousins watched her for a couple months for us. They took great care of her and enjoyed turning her into a beauty queen by brushing her daily. My aunt even gave her a middle name while she was staying with them – Ginger Marlene. Yup, no one can resist the charm of my guinea pig!
Ginger will be my friend for years to come. She will make me smile and laugh many more times. She truly is one of a kind. I love you Ginger.





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