New Book: Maximizing Study Abroad - Language & Culture Learning

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Mar 28, 2009 / 0 comments

**Maximizing Study Abroad: An Instructional Guide to Strategies for
Language and Culture Learning and Use

Created as a companion to Maximizing Study Abroad: A Students’ Guide
to Strategies for Language and Culture Learning and Use
, this guide
provides language teachers and study abroad professionals with a both
a solid understanding of language and culture learning theory and
concrete ways to use this knowledge to support students in their skill

This instructional guide is written with the busy professional in mind
and features a “tool kit” of more than 100 hands-on activities that
are ready for use in pre-departure, in-country, and re-entry
initiatives for study abroad programs, as well as in language
classroom at home and abroad. With its creative activities,
practitioner-friendly theory sections, teacher-tested tools, and
professional advice, this user-friendly guide will allow you to
quickly and easily integrate or adapt then to meet the unique needs of
your classroom or study abroad program.

Key features of this long-awaited volume:

-Unique focus on strategies for both language and culture
-Perfect for use in language classrooms and study abroad programs,
at home or abroad
-Includes more than 100 activities with handouts that can be freely
copied for student use
-Easy-to-ready theory and background section is grounded in current
-Designed for instructors and program professionals working with
college and high school students

The Guide is now available through the University of Minnesota
Bookstore. The 550-page volume is packaged in a three-ring binder and
comes with a copy of the Students' Guide. All for only $45 +
shipping & handling!

For more information see the CARLA website:

A two-day workshop on using this new Instructional Guide will be held
at the University of Minnesota on May 1–2, 2009. Details will be
available soon. Email carla [at] to request more information.