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Feb 15, 2012 / 0 comments

Our Outdoor Adventures Editor, Jordan Oram (who is also our Photography Editor, and a faculty member for our Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program - yes, he's a man with many hats) has just released his first book!


We've shared his work as one of our Photographers of the Month, and I am very pleased to share his new venture into publishing.


Jordan Oram, Vancouver



Entitled A long daytrip to Long Beach and back, it is at once a visually stunning homage to the area and a glimpse into the reflective life. It's a photographic journey from Victoria, BC, up the west coast of Vancouver Island to Long Beach. It's also a journey of discovery, for me - of such a beautiful area of this world - one that I MUST see. As Jordan writes in the book, There is a world just beyond your door that is calling to be explored and discovered...


Jordan Oram, Vancouver



We caught up with Jordan and asked him a few questions...


What inspired you to write this book?

Our world is an amazing place and I'm fortunate enough to have been
born on the west coast of Canada where the forest meets the sea.
Having developed an interest in photography a few years ago, and
rambled over parts of the coastline with many friends in search of
adventure and discovery, I realized I had a fair number of photos
sitting on my hard drive not doing much. With the encouragement of
friends and support of colleagues I decided to put together some of
those photos from one such trip to share with people the wonder and
beauty of my beloved coastal temperate rainforest.


Jordan Oram, Vancouver



What do you hope people take away from reading your book?

I want people to realize that the world is awesome; even in their own
backyard. There are adventures within a short driving distance. If I
can get some friends together and go find an adventure on a sweet
daytrip, then so can they! I hope people go out the door and engage
life :)


Jordan Oram, Vancouver



The book is available as an ebook download for Apple iBooks (iPad/iPhone version) or in softcover/hardcover formats.

To look at a preview, and learn more, please head to:




Jordan Oram, Vancouver



All photos courtesy and copyright Jordan Oram