5 Awesome Bulletin Board Decoration Ideas You Should Explore

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Do you want to make learning fun? If yes, then you need to think out of the box. You want to encourage your students to learn. One of the best ways to make education fun is by coming up with attractive classroom bulletin boards that enhance what they are studying, whether it is literature, nature's elements, sociology, history, math, etc.
The reason you need to focus on the bulletin boards is that they are the first thing that the students will come across when they enter the classroom.

Here are a few ways to help you design appealing bulletin boards:

5 Awesome Bulletin Board Decoration Ideas You Should Explore

1. Come Up with Appealing Borders

Do your classroom bulletin boards have choppy edges? Well, you need to think of ways to hide those edges so your students can focus on the content. The best approach is to come up with mesmerizing bulletin board borders for the boards.

You can get hold of colored roll papers and scrunch up the strips. You can also create a matted border look by layering up complementary borders.

2. Include a Pop Culture Theme

If you want to grab your students' attention, think along the lines of introducing pop culture elements in your bulletin boards. You can paste characters from popular movies, tv shows, books, anime, manga, and more. Plus, these pictures will give a theme to your bulletin board.

3. Use Small Objects 

When you are designing the bulletin board for your class, involve the students! You can add simple decorations to the bulletin board, and then ask your students to bring objects to include on the bulletin board. This way you can come up with a 3d design. Be sure to label each item, so you can return them when you switch your board.

5 Awesome Bulletin Board Decoration Ideas You Should Explore

4. Make Use of Ribbons and Paper Cut-Outs 

Glue ribbons to the bulletin board! This is a simple approach to decorate it, and is very appealing due to the variety of ribbons available nowadays.

Paper cut-outs are also a great way to decorate the bulletin board. You can cut out leaves or snowflakes for making the borders. Make use of different shades of paper. For example, you should use red paper for heart cut-outs around Valentine's Day. Your school library should have a cricut machine to make this process speedier.

5. Match Your Bulletin Board with The Current Syllabus - and Include Your Students

Make your bulletin board interesting! Your boards should include things that your class is currently studying. For example, if your students are studying a particular novel, then you can paste cut-outs from the book on the board. You can have the pictures of the novel characters, also. Ask your students to write haiku around each topic, and then print those out and pin them up! Print out the dialogue from a play you're studying, and then ask your students to help decorate the board with their art focusing on the play. 


What are your best classroom bulletin board decorating ideas?