Castlewood Canyon, Colorado

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Ever been to Castlewood Canyon? Well, like many of Colorado’s attractions, it happens to be a natural one - a State Park.  Though modern work hasn’t been done on it until recently, the natural beauty of Castlewood Canyon attracted many people before recent times.  If you’re a nature lover, this is quite the place for you. If not, well…it’s at least worth seeing.


Castlewood Canyon



Having once flowed with water, years of sinking have carved a wide spanse of rock and stream. The natural formations make for some great camping spots (which you can do in specified areas), which also brought indigenous Indians along. Some of the trails you can take have been around just as long, and vary in length.


The more adventurous types may want to take the longer trails, but believe me, if you aren’t used to the elevation yet, stick to the shorter trails. And don’t let the stream fool you; you’ll want to carry some purified water.


Castlewood Canyon


A century or so ago, open work began on a dam, as a way to use nature to our advantage. Things didn’t run so smoothly right after it was finished, and the dam simply became another point on the map, after having flooded Denver (20 miles away). This opened another trail, which is a bit easier to go down. You’ll also get to see more sections of the river, so if you plan to get wet, this is your trail.


Regardless of its changing history, the beauty and feel of Castlewood Canyon don’t change over time. If you need somewhere not too far out of Denver to see some natural beauty, don’t wind away through the mountains just yet…



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  • Dr. Jessie Voigts

    12 years 3 months ago

    ryan - what a beautiful place! and good tip on the high altitude - if you're not from around there, you don't even think of it!

    Jessie Voigts, PhD


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