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Oct 22, 2010 / 0 comments

Women on Their Way by Wyndham Worldwide  (NYSE:WYN), the hospitality industry's longest-running branded program dedicated entirely to female travelers, is looking to send ten globetrotters on vacations for “free” (aka using Wyndham Rewards loyalty points) in exchange for travel blogs and columns that will be posted on the female-friendly web site.


The Local Nation Contest


Now open for entries, The Local Nation Contest encourages all travelers to submit an essay of 350 words or less, plus a photo or video on why they should be selected to win vacations from Women on Their Way. All entries will be posted on www.WomenonTheirWay.com with a social media component that enables participants to ‘share their submission’ through Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. A voting period will begin on January 4, 2011, allowing the public to award a ‘thumbs up’ vote to their favorite submission.


The Local Nation Contest


The top ten entries, as decided by a combination of Women on Their Way Judges’ scores and the results of online voting, will then be named to the Sounding Board. All winners will be announced by February 14, 2011 and posted on the Women on Their Way website and Facebook page.

"We received an overwhelming number of entries in last year’s contest compelling us to present the opportunity for passionate travelers to enter again this year,” said Alyson Johnson, vice president of corporate communications and writer of the Women on Their Way blog, Adventures with Alyson. “What an amazing group of women we had as our winners last year. These savvy travel bugs used their points so wisely – romantic getaways to Panama, family reunions in Australia, a voluntourism trip with a stop in Bangkok. I can’t wait to see what this next year will bring with our Local Nation winners.”


The Local Nation Contest


The ten Sounding Board members will receive 200,000 Wyndham Rewards points to be used to take a minimum of two vacations, a Flip SlideHD video camera to capture memorable moments, a McKenna Travel Folio by Pottery Barn, the opportunity to be a featured blogger on the WomenOnTheirWay.com Local Nation Sounding Board, and two American Express Gift Cards with a card value of $400USD each, to be used for food and fun on their vacations. Each of the ten prize packages is valued at a total of
$1,912 USD.

“Being selected to represent the Local Nation Sounding Board is an honor and fantastic opportunity,”
said Kathy Ameche, traveler-in-chief of womanroadwarrior.com, one of the ten 2010 Local Nation contest winners. “As an avid traveler, I am thrilled with the multitude of destinations offered within the Wyndham Rewards portfolio and can’t wait to share my experiences with fellow travelers through this program.”


The Local Nation Contest


The Local Nation features blog entries, pictures and fun videos of the contest winners and their vacations at various hotels, rentals and/or timeshare properties within the Wyndham Worldwide family of brands.

To join the conversation with “local” experts in the Women on Their Way community, become a fan of the Women on Their Way by Wyndham Worldwide’s Facebook page and start talking today.

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