Guidelines for Writing Finance Research Papers for College Students

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Finance is one of the trickiest academic disciplines. Students who take on this course of study can often have a hard time writing finance research papers

Guidelines for Writing Finance Research Papers for College Students

The format for writing research papers may look almost as those of other subjects. However, the tone and terminologies used are different, so be careful to use the correct format. 

Generally, any research requires a topic. Find a suitable topic from which you will draw your arguments and support them with relevant findings. It should be short and wide enough to allow you to explore a lot of information related to it. 

From the topic, develop a thesis statement. The statement should be open for critics either disputing it or supporting it. 

Let's take, for example, this statement: "The World Bank program to finance politics in Africa is essential." 

This statement can either be disputed or supported, depending on the beliefs of the reader. However, if you say, "The World Bank program to finance politics in Africa is essential, but they should reduce the amount," you block the readers from choosing a side. Your statement should create some anxiety and provoke controversy. If you search on the internet, there are many samples of finance research papers.  

The Financial Research Writing Format 

Now, you have your thesis statement ready. At this point, you should have a clear understanding of the format used in writing your financial research paper. Here is a standard format:

• Title page
• Acknowledgment
• Abstract 
• A proper introduction 
• The body 
• Conclusion 
• References

How to Write the Different Subheadings of a Financial Research Paper

Guidelines for Writing Finance Research Papers for College Students
Here is a brief guideline on how to write the subheadings in your format. 

• The introduction

When writing the introduction, ensure that you can grab the attention of the reader. It is where you announce your intentions for writing the paper, and what the readers should expect at the end. Your research hypotheses should be part of the introduction. 

You can also include background information. It gives the reader a clear understanding of the research problem, and why you seek to investigate it. 

Then there is the the literature review, where you familiarize your reader with the sources of information you used. Your main goal should be to indicate your deep understanding of the literature, and thorough knowledge on the topic. 

Lastly, look at the methods section. Here, you indicate the methods you used in solving your problem statement. It could be a qualitative study or quantitative approach, depending on the type of topic.

• The body

The body is the soul of the whole paper. It should contain all your main points. It is where you write all your findings while supporting them with facts. Thoroughly discuss the results of your thesis statement. You should also determine whether your conclusions answer the research questions comprehensively.  

You should also link all your points and let each connect correctly with the rest. 

• Conclusion

Your conclusion should be appealing to the reader. Let your readers understand whether the research was successful. 

It is important to mention if there are any unanswered questions. Put more emphasis by reviewing your strongest points. Remember, most readers are most likely to retain what they read at the end than what was read at the beginning. Therefore, restate your findings, but be very clear on what you say. 

Rewrite and Proofread Your Financial Research Paper

Writing the paper is not the end of your work! 

In the process of writing, we make numerous mistakes that come to our attention when we reread the article. Ensure that you have gone through the paper at least twice to ascertain that there are no errors. Be aware of common mistakes, such as:

• Misspelled words
• Poor sentence structure
• Incorrect grammar
• Wrong research paper format
• The use of incorrect terminology

Now you know how to write a financial research paper. It is also advisable that you get assistance from experts whenever you find some difficulties in writing your essay. “Can you write my paper?” is a question most students ask experienced writers. Note that experts are qualified and experienced to deliver high-quality writing services. Get assistance from writing services!