Journeys in Words: Chronicles of Avid Travelers, vol. 1

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Apr 10, 2013 / 0 comments

Our first book from our teen travel bloggers is now available on Amazon! This is a compilation of writing from the Spring, 2012 term of our Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program.


You've followed along as these teens - Anne Driscoll, Austin Weihmiller, Emily Zumchak, Hannah Miller, Kathryn Blanco, and Shelby Lewis - wrote a weekly article for their assignments in the class. We asked them to pick their three favorite articles, to be compiled into a book. And - here it is!




We have books published for each term (look for volume II and volume III, Fall 2012) - and our teen travel bloggers are now Published Authors!


In this book:


You'll find an authentic Chinese recipe, stories, family, places to visit...


Chinese dumplings

Anne, dumplings


You'll travel the world with these teens...


Emily in Italy

Emily, Italy


Visit markets of all kinds...


Camel Market

Hannah, camel market


Stew Leonard's

Kathryn, Stew Leonard's



They’ve circled the globe, shared amazing places...



Austin, Hawaii


Life is about living!


Life is about living!

Shelby, interview with a world traveler



Six globetrotting teens with a love for writing.

Journeys in Words: Chronicles of Avid Travelers, Volume 1:

Journeys in Words: Chronicles of Avid Travelers, vol. 1