Journeys in Words: Chronicles of Avid Travelers, Volumes II and III

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You've probably bought our first book from our teen travel bloggers, now available on Amazon! This is a compilation of writing from the Spring, 2012 term of our Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program.


Now we've got Volumes II and III, from the Fall 2012 term! Click the link to head to Amazon and see.

Journeys in Words, Chronicles of Avid Travelers, Volume II

Journeys in Words: Chronicles of Avid Travelers, Volume III


You've followed along as these teens - Anne Driscoll, Austin Weihmiller, Hannah Miller, Kathryn Blanco (volume II), and Nadia Adusei-Boateng, Anders Bruihler, Lukas Bruihler, Becca Tran, Katie Wellman, Will Wellman, Joy Whitehead, and Harriet Willis (volume III)
wrote a weekly article for their assignments in the class. We asked
them to pick their three favorite articles, to be compiled into a book.
And - here it is!



Video created by Anders Bruihler



IN THE FIELD (Jason Shaw) / CC BY 3.0



In Volume II, you'll see:


A photoadventure around the Connecticut State House...


Kathryn, Cupcake truck!



Amazing images from Madagascar:

Madagascar Blue Pigeon 

Madagscar Blue Pigeon, Anne


How to snack on chicken heads...

How to snack on chicken heads

Hannah, yep, chicken heads


How to snorkel under the midnight sun...

Snorkeling Iceland

Austin, snorkeling in Iceland



In Volume III, you'll see:


Delicious food in Spain...

yummy food in Spain

Nadia, YUM


Explore California's Redwoods...

Redwood forest

Anders, Redwood National Forest


Take a Tanzanian Safari...

Big Cats, safari in Tanzania

Lukas, finding big cats on safari


Take a photoadventure in Key Colony, Florida...

crane, Florida Keys

Becca, Florida Keys


Learn how to travel with Havanese dogs...

Havanese dog

Katie, traveling with her Havanese


Experience a German Christmas Market...

German Christmas Market

Will, who braved the cold to experience all this


Learn about eco-friendly travel in urban areas...


Harriet, in Amsterdam


And find amazing things to do in Chapala, Mexico...

market in Chapala, Mexico

Joy, in Chapala, Mexico, finding more chickens



Our globetrotting teens, with a LOVE for writing.


Journeys in Words: Chronicles of Avid Travelers, vol.II

Journeys in Words, vol II



Journeys in Words: Chronicles of Avid Travelers, vol III


Journeys in words, vol III




So proud of our teens - GREAT writing and photography!