Pappadums and Biryani Mix - Oh My!

by Dr. Jessie Voigts /
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Jul 24, 2008 / 0 comments

As founders of, we're always on the lookout for great stories, photos, products, and food! We've recently been partering with different businesses to provide our members with great products and deals. The key point for me, though, is that we TRY them first. I don't want to recommend a company without being familiar with them first.


Indian Food



Indian Food Online

And so, this week, I excitedly ordered from a new partner of ours that sells Indian food. I just love Indian food! My mom lived in India when she was younger, as my grandfather had a Fulbright there. Ever since then, we've all been enamored with Indian food (in various stages of hotness, depending on the person). My granny made the best curry snack mix. I now cook a variety of international foods, and am always intrigued by the complex flavors of Indian food. So, back to our Indian Food Online...


I perused the website, and have to be honest - was a bit overwhelmed by the HUGE variety of choices there. I haven't been to India yet, and so some things were unfamiliar to me. Yet, there were pappadums, and curry mixes, and nuts, and sweets, and drinks...well, a virtual extravaganza of Indian food!


Indian food



I placed my order. When you live in a rural area, ethnic groceries are hard to come by. I stock up!


Not 3 days later, our FedEx guy drove up and gave us this treasure. We ripped open the box and dove in - and yes, we'll be having Indian tomorrow night for dinner. Right now, I'm munching on Biryani Snack Mix... Care to join us?




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