Postcard from Assateague

by Sicily Kolbeck / Sep 22, 2013 / 0 comments

There is a soft aroma of burnt wood and sea salt swirling around me, like how the ocean itself swirls. I smell a faint aroma of sunscreen, probably from the hours we spent on the white sand beach. In this moment, we are in a complete state of happiness. The sound of crashing waves softly wafts from over the dunes. The crackle of the fire adds to the many sounds around us, and the sound of wild ponies chomping on grass makes me believe this place is too perfect to be real.


The thing that makes Assateague, this small island off the coast of Maryland, any more special than other campsites all over the globe is the horses. They are small, but as the many cautions all over the camp say, very powerful. The wild ponies seem docile as they loudly munch on grass not even fifteen feet from our campsite. Seeing them on the beach is like being in a scene straight from a movie. Travelling in a herd, they come galloping over the horizon, manes flying behind them. Even more poetic, the setting sun glows from behind them, making the sky different shades of purple, pink, and orange. I thought I would see Ryan Gosling coming from the water carrying a dozen roses. But as swiftly as the horses came, they went. We saw them many times afterwards - on the road, the beach, our campsite, and in the bay.


There is a bubble of warmth that surrounds my mother and myself. Any anxieties are gone. Comfort is the only emotion whizzing throughout my body. I glance up at the night sky and let out a gasp. The stars are shining so bright. Each constellation is clear to the human eye. Looking back down, I see that the embers of the fire are dwindling. Without question I throw another log on, only to be met by the eruption of sparks. I narrowly dodge them (feeling like a ninja), and sit back down to enjoy the view.


Campfire, Assateague Island



I never want to leave this state of relaxation, but alas, the fire has to be put out. With a loud hiss and steam surrounding everything like a cloud, the warmth I so love is gone. Luckily, this feeling of perfect bliss is not a once in a lifetime experience. I still have a couple more days before we head home.





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Photo courtesy and copyright Sicily Kolbeck