Touring guitarist finds unexpected reason to stay home more

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You're in the car listening to the SAME cloying, made-for-children CD aGAIN (oh, and your toddler insists on track 3 on repeat).

But wait! There's an escape! Help Matt Heaton fund his new album, Toddlerbilly Riot! in exchange for an infusion of clever songs that kids love... and adults do, too:

Touring guitarist finds unexpected reason to stay home more - Matt Heaton's Toddlerbilly Riot!

Matt makes music for kids with the discerning ear of an adult musician. Toddlerbilly Riot! is his second CD of smart music for families, and he's asking parents and other fans for help. Help Matt free parents from the tyranny of sub-par kids' music! Help fund Toddlerbilly Riot!

By pledging to Matt's Kickstarter campaign, you'll get an advance copy of the CD, personalized songs delivered to your email inbox--he'll even give away his guitar!  But hurry! The campaign ends on Thursday, November 12.

Toddlerbilly Riot! is a rockabilly flavored kids' album. Brimming with original songs like "The Wombat Dance," "Hop, Wiggle, Waddle," and of course, "Don't Drink the Water (That Your Butt's Been in)," Matt's mission is to get kids moving around and singing (so they will hopefully get to bed a couple minutes earlier). And to do it with songs that parents will also get a kick out of. This is Matt's second release of kid music.

The history of Matt's kid music: Five years ago Matt & Shannon's son Nigel was born. Matt started taking Nigel to the local sing alongs and quickly discovered which performers he preferred. This was followed by a feeling of "I could do that!" Now hundreds of shows later, Matt is a sought after staple on the local kid music circuit. His debut CD "Happy You Made It" (which we LOVE! is a favorite among many Boston-area toddlers, in evidence when they sing along with Matt's original songs. 

The first album grew from Matt's Irish music background and work with Shannon. As his music has evolved, it has gone in a distinctly rockabilly direction. Now he comes armed with a big, orange electric guitar, and sometimes joined by his band the Outside Toys. The new album is mostly original songs, rounded out by a few classics ("Monkeys on the Bed," "Momma Don't Allow," and "Down by the Bay"). A smattering of special guests on bass, drums, fiddle & tuba round out the sound. 


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