6 Best Essay Writing Tips

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If you're a student, one of the most important tasks you will ever have to do is to write an essay. Knowing how to do it well is vital to making sure you pass with a good grade. There are websites where you can find writers who offer a custom essay writing services for a price even students can afford. Still, if you choose not to pay for custom writing, then this article will cover some bits and bytes of how to write an essay so good, it will be used as an example for other students. We'll be delving into the dos and don'ts of how to make sure that the essay you write is the best it can be. But if you chose to pay for a custom essay, that's fine too. UK essay writing service WritingPeak offers the best examples of different essay papers, and allows you to look at college essay examples, as well as nursing school essay samples. 

Here are 6 tips for turning your essay into something so good, it's a sample for other students:
Essay writing tips

Catchy Title

The first thing you're going to need during essay writing is a catchy title. This will be the bait that you're going to need to use to encourage people to read your essay. It needs to stand out! There are thousands of essays that are written all the time, often by people who know just as much (if not more) than you do! When deciding which essays to read, the most natural way to do this is by looking at the titles. 

This applies to all essay types, whether it's a thesis, a student council essay, or any other type. 

However, it's also important to keep it professional. You're writing an academic essay, not a tabloid article. Make sure it's on topic, serious, and not misleading. 

Engaging Introduction

Once you've got them in with your title, you might be thinking that it's job done. Wrong! 

In order to make people read about what you have to say, you'll need to make sure the introduction is as engaging as it could be. 

Within this introduction, you should talk about what your paper will be about, making sure to phrase it in a way that makes it sound engaging. You also need to talk about why you've decided to write this particular essay, what is the relevance of this topic in the modern age, and how will it affect other people's research? 

Original Thinking

As mentioned earlier, you're writing an essay, not a tabloid article. The thinking needs to be original; you can't just repeat what other people have said. Sure, you can quote other people, but make sure that when you do, you also criticise what they've said, pointing out the flaws in their argument. 

But be careful not to allow your own bias to get in the way. An essay should always be as neutral as it possibly can be. The only part that should be clear about your own personal views is during the conclusion. 

Dropping Knowledge

Nobody will read a piece from somebody who doesn't know what they're talking about, or even from somebody who does but comes across like they don't. Make sure that you understand the topic inside and out before you get down to writing. Understand what all the keywords mean, and make sure that they're clearly defined within the essay, making sure to give a critical analysis to any of the controversial definitions that you might come across. All the information that you present needs to be correct and accurate, don't just make it up if you don't know! Still, if you’re struggling to write a decent piece, you may try to find an essay writing company and seek their assistance in completing your task.

Clear Writing–and Formatting

When you read something, whether that's an essay, an article, a book, a poem, you want it to be fun to read and easy to follow. When writing an essay, you need to make sure that you can completely understand what is being said, and why it's being said. 

This means having a clear introduction, paragraphs (which are organised in a sensible and justifiable way), and a justified conclusion. 

Make sure to separate all of your points into paragraphs; if your writing is just one big block, then readers will just find it confusing and won't read it. 

The End

And finally, just before you can call it a finished piece, you need to end with an amazing conclusion. This ought to be a product of all of the rest of the essay. You need to take everything that you've said into consideration and come to your own stance on the topic. This is the only point in any paper when your own views should be discussed. 

Another thing to consider putting into your conclusion is to talk about what next, for instance, how the research done in your paper could help to contribute to further research in the area. 

Essay writing tips

And that's how to write an essay! By keeping these 6 simple rules, you will be able to come up with a piece that stands all chances to be used as an example for others.