Autumn Stories: Music for Changing Times

by Kerry Dexter / Oct 21, 2019 /
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Music for shifting times: that's the title we came up with for this series of stories which I've been writing since the summer of 2016. Wherever you find yourself, things do seem to be in continual shift and at times and at an accelerating pace. Finding one's way through that sort of circumstance is an aspect musicians have often thought about.

Here are several musical ideas for you to consider, some practical, some mystical, all thought provoking.

Music for Unsettling Times: Conversations and Questions

by Kerry Dexter / Oct 17, 2019 /
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Think of songs you may know: Where Have All the Flowers Gone, We Shall Overcome, The Coming of the Roads, Plane Wreck at Los Gatos. The first frames questions about war and sacrifice in terms both gentle and direct, the second is a gospel song adapted to civil rights and other causes, the third is a story about greed displacing people and landscape, the fourth a ballad which frames questions about identity and compassion in a news story about migrant farm workers. 

Write This: Author Mindee Arnett on Writing, Road Maps, and Character Development

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Picture this: Grand Rapids Comic Con, where we are always impressed by the cosplays, intrigued by the artists, and absolutely stunned by the authors. So there’s a high bar there, and we’ve interviewed several authors we’ve seen talk, in our Write This series.

When we listened to author Mindee Arnett speak about writing, we were dazzled.

Geography of Inspiration: Music and Place

by Kerry Dexter / Sep 17, 2019 /
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Connection with place, with landscape, with well-loved and familiar things often comes with connection with each other. That's an idea we've explored from several perspectives in this series. In shifting times, physical place, whether you are present geographically or you are visiting through imagination or through memory, can offer a sense of comfort, of connection, of hope.

Geography of Inspiration: Music and Place

University of Michigan & NFL star Charles Woodson returns…with Intercept Wine

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On a sunny late summer day, right before the kickoff of college football, Ed and I journeyed to the Big House at the University of Michigan for another kind of kickoff–a private reception to introduce Intercept Wine. 

University of Michigan & NFL star Charles Woodson returns…with Intercept Wine

Helpful Website for Essay Writing and Improving Your Writing Skills

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The problem with writing assignments has always existed among students. It doesn’t matter how good the student is and how hard he/she studies, any writing assignment can become a real problem. They require much time and attention, and if you study something technical, you might even not like writing.

Helpful Website for Essay Writing and Improving Your Writing Skills

College Essay Writing Prompts: How to Get Maximum Results in Just a Few Minutes

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What does a writing assignment mean to you? For many students, it’s one of the most tiring and boring tasks of college life. To get an essay for homework means spending several hours trying to formulate the proper words. It means staying at home instead of going out. Students find it difficult to express their thoughts in written form. Moreover, your 2-day long work can result in B, C, D, or even F grade. Nobody wants to waste time. While it’s impossible to graduate without writing essays during your degree program, students tend to find different ways to make their lives easier.

Getting Right to the Core of Picking Apples with Expert Sarah Brown

by Culinary Spelunker / Aug 27, 2019 /
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“Everyone can tell you an apple experience,” says Sarah Brown, a touch of nostalgia in her voice. “For me, it was Yellow Transparent. Growing up we had a Yellow Transparent apple tree and I would just sit and eat and eat. Every few hours my mom would come by and say, ‘You’re going to get a tummy ache.

Check Out These Important Marketing Ideas for Your Business

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There are many tactics you need to assess when it comes to improving the marketing of your business, with an eye for the future. You have to do as much as possible to make your company a success, and one of the best ways of doing this is to make sure you have a diverse range of marketing methods, useful in both the local and global economy. Today, it is critical to make sure you are focused on improving the marketing process within your business, to reach the right people. 

Here are some of the best ways you can promote and market your company more effectively right now. 

Music for Shifting Times: Lighting the Path

by Kerry Dexter / Aug 19, 2019 /
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Light to dark and back again, times and news and stories shift. Music for Shifting Times is what we decided to call this series about music. It proved more prescient than we could have known back when we began.

What lights the path, where and how to draw strength when darkness closes in and challenges rise is one of the ideas that is a constant in what I share with you.