Music and Connection: Telling Stories

by Kerry Dexter / Jul 15, 2019 /
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A conversation with a friend, a passing exchange with a stranger, a favorite show, an article in a magazine or a headline in a newspaper, a window display, a note in a journal, a sketch on a napkin, a photograph, a book, a song: these are all stories, all ways in which we organize, create, and remember our days, and our lives.

How we tell these stories, to ourselves and to each other, shapes and shares perspectives on the world. In shifting times, especially, it is important to think about such perspectives and ways we share and shape them.

Wandering Educators’ Florida Editor and Extraordinary Artist to Show His Artwork– A Free-Ranging Interview with Josh Garrick

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Wandering Educators’ Florida Editor and Extraordinary Artist to Show His Artwork– A Free-Ranging Interview with Josh Garrick

Through the Eyes of an Educator: Journeying Forward

by Stacey Ebert / Jul 01, 2019 /
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Have you ever planned a trip?
Whether you’ve gone on a multi-continental expedition or a quick weekend to the next town over, it all started with an idea, perhaps manifested a spark of anticipation and excitement, and culminated with an experiential adventure. No matter how much it cost, what modes of transport were necessary, or how many nights you slept in a luxury resort or a local yurt, the planning stage took place well and truly before the implementation of the journey. 

Life isn’t fair

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Life isn’t fair

There are those who travelled from far distance across the mountains, rivers, and seas

 seeking protection from wars, diseases, and natural disasters from every direction. 

Our initial experiences are still driven by fear 

The fear of losing loved ones, and we can't afford to lose another 

Florida Artist Creates Unique Monument to “Unmourned Animals”

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In the Hartsdale, New York Pet Cemetery, there is now a bronze and granite memorial unlike the hundreds of ‘monuments’ – large and small – dedicated to the animals who once had a loving human companion.

Music and Horizons: Stories of Hope

by Kerry Dexter / Jun 19, 2019 /
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Early summer: it's often a season of weddings, graduations, changes, endings, new beginnings. The shifting world situations which were at the beginnings of this series of articles continue to evolve and present their own challenges, too. With those things in mind, here are five pieces of music to spark and accompany reflection, contemplation, celebration, and hope.

Music and Horizons: Stories of Hope

Through the Eyes of an Educator: the Magic of Summer

by Stacey Ebert / Jun 03, 2019 /
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As a kid (and as a teacher), I’d count the days till summer, the days between spring break and Memorial Day weekend and then the onslaught of everything that made that last month of school seem like it simultaneously went as quick as lightning and as slow as molasses. Today, my best friend’s daughter is in the final stretch of her sophomore year, and the middle child is quite literally counting the days till that grand bus ride that will take her to sleep away camp.

How to Improve Our Educational System in the 21st Century

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Education has become more important today than it has ever been. In the modern age, if you don’t know about one thing, you lose access to an untold amount of opportunities. However, despite the huge significance of education in the present age, many students still fail to succeed 

Guidelines for Writing Finance Research Papers for College Students

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Finance is one of the trickiest academic disciplines. Students who take on this course of study can often have a hard time writing finance research papers

Guidelines for Writing Finance Research Papers for College Students

Signposts: Music of Hope

by Kerry Dexter / May 20, 2019 /
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In time when politics ideas, understandings, and communications shift, it is challenging to find touchstones,signposts, if you will, to guide decisions. The sort of music we share in this series -- a series which is, after all, called music for shifting times -- can offer guidance and space for reflection. In this story, there are artists from New England, New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, and Indiana.

There are threads which pull through, and ideas which resonate across the very different stories they tell.