5 Things To Not Miss On A Family Break In France

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When it comes to idyllic spots for family holidays, France is one country that should be included in your bucket list. Children and adults will enjoy the journey, regardless of which part of France they choose to explore. 

5 Things To Not Miss On A Family Break In France

French Riviera 
The glamour of the French Riviera is one of the things that make it attract tourists from all over the globe. The lavish houses and the pristine beaches are some of its biggest draws, especially for families who are looking for a luxurious escape. One of the places that should not be missed is Nice. Specifically in Coco Beach, families can enjoy swimming and sunbathing. In Antibes, on the other hand, you can see some of the most glamorous yachts in the world. Cannes, meanwhile, is the perfect place for pampering. Do not forget to check out St. Tropez, which will surely be the highlight of your trip. This town may be small, but it is teeming in terms of experiences that it can offer. For information on accommodation in the areas, visit Olivers Travels.
Bordeaux Wine Regions 
The wine estates of Bordeaux are also popular attractions for people who are visiting France. Some families, however, may instantly reject the idea of visiting the region because of the assertion that it is good only for adults. In reality, however there is more to see than wines. The vineyards themselves can be relaxing, and have many have facilities that will certainly be enjoyed by kids. It is a scenic destination that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. 

Go Museum Hopping 
Families visiting France should include a visit to some of the top museums in the country in their itinerary, most of which are concentrated in Paris. These museums will not only be visually entertaining, but can also prove to be an educational experience. It is a great way to learn history and art without being boring. Some of the best include the Musee du Louvre, the Centre Pompidou, the Musee d’Orsay, the Palais de Tokyo, and the Musee Rodin. 

Walk the GR10 
For physically active families who enjoy exciting activities done together, walking the GR10 is one of the activities that should not be missed when in France. It covers an expansive mountainside that crosses the Pyrenees. One of the best things about the walk is that it is scenic, and more importantly, it is safe. It is very unlikely that you will suffer from any injury or risks during the trail. There are several stops along the way, including hotels, providing you with the chance to rest. Click here for more details on the GR10.

Sample The Country’s Culinary Treasures 
French cuisine is one of the most exquisite in the world. If you are in France with your family, eating well is one of the activities that will certainly be enjoyed. From high-end restaurants to cheap eateries and street food, discovering French cuisine will reveal more about their culture and their history. There are also cooking classes, which are open even for kids. It is a great way to bond with the whole family and have fun during your trip - and bring home new recipes and techniques.