Best Family Travel Advice: The #1 Family Travel Resource

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Jul 21, 2011 / 0 comments

One of the best things about the internet is that you can find the answers to ANY question. Yes, it might take a bit of digging, but research away!


We're proud to be part of an incredible resource for traveling with kids - Best Family Travel Advice. It's a family travel resource extraordinaire! Here's how it works:



1. Travelers pose questions.

2. Said questions are answered by family travel experts (including yours truly!).

3. A large resource library on family travel ensues.


Best Family Travel Advice


Who are these family travel experts?? The site was started by Amie O’Shaughnessy (Ciao Bambino), Mara Gorman (Mother of All Trips), Michelle Duffy (Wandermom), Jennifer Miner (The Vacation Gals), and Anne Taylor Hartzell (Hip Travel Mama). 

The list of travel experts (many of whom we've shared on Wandering Educators - click to read our interviews with these traveling moms) includes:

Ciao Bambino
Hip Travel Mama
Pit Stops for Kids
The Mother of All Trips
The Vacation Gals
500 Places With Kids
Backpack To Buggy
Delicious Baby
Dotting the Map
Family Travel
Family Travel Forum
Field Trips With Sue
Four Dots on the Map
Globetrotting Mama
Have Baby Will Travel
Kids Go West
The Q Family Adventures
The Travel Mama
Travels With Children
Travel Savvy Mom
Travel With Teens and Tweens
Two Kids and a Map
Wandering Educators



As you can see, with such a wide variety of family travel experts, we welcome your questions and invite you to explore the many topics and questions on Best Family Travel Advice.   Thanks to BFTA for asking us to be part of this incredible online community!