Cardigan Bay, Wales

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Although Cardigan Bay in Wales may not come to mind immediately as the perfect holiday for everyone, if you enjoy waking up early to catch the glorious sunrise, sitting round a warm campfire, or listening to the peaceful sounds of nature in the evenings, camping by the coast of Cardigan Bay in South Wales could be the perfect holiday for you.  Let me tell you about our experience in Brongwyn camping park, located in Cardigan Bay, Wales.


Our holiday began by waking up in a tent at around 7am.  Although a little breezy outside, it didn’t matter because we enjoyed delicious hot toast, melted butter and strawberry jam!  These basics can be bought from the campsites small village shop for a low price. 


Once you have eaten, whip on your walking boots and prepare yourself for an exhilarating mountain or hill walk, as there are plenty of them for you to accomplish.  Or, taking a simple stroll in one of the nature-filled fields is a great way to begin the day.  Rare butterflies and birds are often seen which can add to the experience.


Cardigan Bay, Wales

Early morning walks are always glorious no matter what the weather.


When I first set my eyes on the nearest mountain, I knew I wanted to reach the top.  Immediately we headed in that direction.  On the way we passed numerous tourist shops, which are definitely worth a look if you wish to pick up a postcard to post to a friend or some gifts to take back home, such as Welsh Dolls and Loving Spoons. 


At around 11am we reached the mountain, which began with a grassy slope covered in Foxgloves, wild Daffodils, and millions of Forget-me-nots.  Gorgeous colours filled the slope - a perfect photo opportunity!  After we took a stroll through the flowers, we began to walk up the mountain.  Nearly all mountains in Wales have a clear pathway so it’s nearly impossible to get lost.


Whilst we were on our way up, a slight drizzle of rain fell from the sky.  Luckily, I had brought a coat and a flask of lovely, warm hot chocolate with me.  The rest of the walk up was a little wet, but personally I think that all adds to the atmosphere. 


Once we reached the top, I stood in awe.  Whether it’s rain or shine, the breathtaking view at the top is worth it.  Fields of greens and yellows stood below me, trees scattered the idyllic landscape and sheep, horses and cows milled about peacefully.  Remember to bring your camera so you can capture the landscape. 


All of the way down you will be able to see a stunning view of West Wales and get your breath back!  The next place I recommend you should pay a visit to is one of the local teashops in Cardigan Bay.  There are many to choose from and they all serve traditional Welsh scones, which are really scrumptious with hot butter and a cup of tea.


So, if this floats your boat then pay a visit to South Wales and you will be able to experience all of the above for yourself.  Picturesque mountains, fantastic views and teashops all within walking distance - what more could you ask for?





Harriet Willis is a member of the Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program.


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