Dog Meets World Foto of the Week: Smiles in Uganda

by Carolyn Lane / Apr 21, 2010 / 0 comments

Marti Johnson is a recent college grad currently living and working at St. Mary Kevin Orphanage, a facility home to over 150 orphans in Kampala, Uganda. Marti's passion for photography led her to develop Project Perspective, a program to teach photography to the children in order to provide the world with a new perspective of African youth.

Dog Meets World Uganda


One of Marti's students is shown here with Foto, the masot of Dog Meets World, the photo diplomacy project. Marti introduced her photo class to Dog Meets World by demonstrating the project's concept of Take and Give Photography by taking their own pictures and showing them how to use the portable printer.  She asked her class if they have ever owned a personal photo! Over half said this was their first picture!


Marti said "They were soooo incredibly excited about starting DMW! I explained that children all around the world have participated and that they were going to help capture the children of Uganda.... and then the printing- they watched every single picture come out!" The students are excited to share DMW with other children as student phodographers.


What a great way to practice Dog Meets World by recruiting local kids to help. See the photos Marti' students took here, under DMW-Uganda.




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