Dream destinations for a historical holiday

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Planning a holiday? Why not plan a holiday which will soothe your mind and at the same time help you upgrade yourself with some interesting facts which are buried deep into the histories of the country. Every country has a story of its own and unfolding its history is equally intriguing. So, if you are looking for some interesting destinations for a historical holiday, we can help you find one. Some of the dream destinations for a historical holiday are India, Peru, United Kingdom, Rome and Greece, here’s why….

Dream destinations for a historical holiday

The Roman Connection

Well, we all have seen the magnificence of Church, pope and the Vatican City in the movies. Why not explore it? Rome could be one of your best destinations if you are looking forward for a historical holiday. Apart from the Italian culture and its food, Rome is well known for its history. It had once the most powerful civilizations and its traces could be seen in sites like the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and many such places. 

Royal India

The history of India is known worldwide. Dynasties, empires, palaces, forts, monuments makes the Indian history all the rich. The palaces and monuments of India speaks volume of history of India and makes India a dream destination for a historical holiday. Each and every state of India has a history of its own making the experience gained through such trips all the more diverse. The royalness of the kings, the majestic palaces, the monuments made by them giving evidence of the high architectural sense is all worth knowing. So, if you are planning a trip and looking for destinations for historical holiday, India is the country you must explore. India will never disappoint you

Ancient Jewels of Peru

If India has a rich history to offer you, there is yet another country which will present to you its history in an equally splendid manner, that is, Peru. The history of Peru and its archaeological sites never cease to amaze you in awe and wonder. You will encounter the history of Incan empire here, and the great civilizations of ancient Peru remains in all archaeological site. Peru is known worldwide for its “historical legacy”. The ancient chimu culture in Chan Chan or the city of Caral or be it Machu Picchu, a trip to Peru will leave you inpsired and informed. So, come visit Peru and discover all by yourself.

Castle Country - UK

Rich in heritage and beautiful all over is the United Kingdom. England, London, Canterbury, Winchester and many more amazing places to travel in United Kingdom introduces you to its historical background in a way which will leave you thrilled. London with its Tower of London, Maritime Greenwich, Buckingham Palace, art galleries, castles will leave you just overwhelmed. The globe Theatre will make Shakespeare lovers go crazy about it and you can spend hours in Imperial War Museum and cabinet war rooms. Canterbury will bring to you the memoir of Chaucer and Bath, England’s most beautiful city has a fascinating history and Austen lovers would definitely love to go there. England provides its tourist with a rich flavour of literary history ,as well.

A Grecian Tale

If Rome is known for its history, how can Greece be far behind? Greece is considered to be the paradise for the lovers of history. Every stone of Greece speaks of its ancient Greek Civilization. Some of the most famous sights of Greece are the Parthenon, the Theatre of Dionysos, the Acropolis and the beautiful Athens itself.

With such interesting destinations your holiday will unfailingly be a memorable one. Explore these countries and enjoy unravelling their roots.  




Photo Wikimedia Commons: Carla Tavares