The Essential Underground

by Katie Wellman / Sep 19, 2012 / 0 comments

Subways in London are essential.




No matter where you go, there are subways everywhere. Be it the park, the pizza parlor, or the theaters , there is usually a subway or “underground” someplace nearby.



The subway is better than taking a bus, taxi, or (worst of all) driving because:


Busses are hard to catch at the right times and places, whereas subways are close and a subway car comes around every fifteen minutes or so.


Taxis tend to drive crazy fast and seem to want to wreck the car before you get anywhere. Not only that, but they are also overpriced (but if you are in a hurry and in a “follow that truck!” moment, I highly recommend them).


Driving in London can be very tough on the non-locals, especially since you are used to driving on the other side of the road. Countless people have wrecked cars because they mixed up the sides of the road and drove on the wrong side.


At rush hour, it is harder to find good seats on a subway but it is better still to take it then to be stuck in traffic behind a wreck for an hour.


Subways are cheap; you can get a day pass for the subway and use it all day. Tickets I am pretty sure are seven to fourteen pounds for a day pass per person. Or you can get an oyster card and can go on the subways with no tickets for a certain time.   Subways are also the best mode of travel in larger cities.






Beware of pickpockets.

I am not saying be paranoid and bring fanny packs and whatnot, but keep an eye on your surroundings.

Pickpockets usually dress up in business suits to make you think they are respected businessmen and wouldn’t steal a thing.


THIS is not true.


If people start to stare at you or “eye” you, it usually means they want to steal your stuff. The trick to this is to look back at them and stare at them. Most often, they get that as a signal that you got their game and they will move on. One last thing -- some of the people in business suits are actually businessmen. But say there are “businessmen” hanging around the subway gates at four thirty a.m, they are most likely pickpockets (especially if they start to stare at your backpack). They can be ladies, too.





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