Families Traveling Around the World

by Lukas Bruihler / Jan 10, 2013 / 0 comments

Family traveling is fun, whether you are just going for a weekend camping, or for a month or two in a few countries. But there are some families that take family traveling to new heights; sometimes for years on end without settling down. They call this vagabonding. To keep record of their travel experience, most of them have a blog site where they do a post every once in a while. I have compiled a small list of active traveling families. With each link I will give a short description of the family.


http://thenomadicfamily.com/ - The Klafs have been traveling for two years and have a goal of changing/reaching out to 10,000 lives around the world. See how many lives they have already changed by heading over there.


http://1dad1kid.com/ - Talon and Tigger have been traveling for three years now, and hope to have been in seven continents (yes, that includes Antarctica) by the end of 2014. To see if they will complete their goal, visit!  Wandering Educators interview about Talon's books: Rise of the Djall and Visa Guide for US Citizens


http://www.escapeartistes.com/ - Theodora and Zac took a year off in 2010 to travel the world, and ended up never coming back. Their blog is one of the most interesting of the ones that I collected. They have info on anything from zombie apocalypses to paragliding near Everest. Wandering Educators interview here.


http://familyonbikes.org/ - The Vogel family cycled over 17,000 miles from Alaska to Argentina in nearly three years, their two sons making a new world record of youngest people to cycle the length of the Americas. Find out what they are doing now! Wandering Educators interview here.


http://www.sixintheworld.com/ - This family traveled around the world in 2006-7, and kept traveling because they liked it so much. But in June of 2012, the mother died of cancer. Will this stop their travels, though? Apparently not.


http://www.raisingmiro.com/ - Lainie and her son Miro left California in 2009 to travel the world, and are traveling fulltime now. Lainie’s goal is to raise Miro on the road of life. So far it is going mostly well… Wandering Educators interview here.


http://globetrottingmama.com/ - Heather used to be a soccer mom, but she realized that there is more to life than making breakfast, driving the kids to school, to karate class, home, and making dinner. She and her family left home for a year in 2011 to travel around the world. Find out why this is one of the best travel blogs in the world. Wandering Educators interview here.


http://www.bohemiantravelers.com/ - The Bohemian travelers started traveling five years ago, and now are traveling all the time. Check out where they have been most recently.


http://almostfearless.com/ - Even when she got her dream job, Christine Gilbert was unhappy. So in 2008, she left the US and has been traveling with her family ever since. Is she happy now?

http://edventureproject.com/ - The millers have been traveling since 2008, trying to give their kids the world to live in. their ultimate goal is to combine education and adventure - are they doing well? Wandering Educators interview here.



I hope that these resources will be helpful for you in the future. Do you have another blogsite to add to this list?  Maybe you will be inspired by these families and start traveling yourself.  It’s not hard!





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