Family Travel & Roadschooling: The RV Lifestyle

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Many families are choosing to explore the world via a motorhome (aka RV). It takes commitment, a willingness to live in close quarters, a love of discovery, and a lifetime of adventure. What does the RV lifestyle look like? How do families Do This?



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Where do these traveling families go?


Some travel the United States, while others explore different continents – it depends on where they are starting, and where they want to go. One thing they all have in common – exploring new places, while bringing their home with them. One family that I’ve loved following is Amy, Jarrad, and their four kids, who document their journey through Australia on It’s inspiring, to see how they find hidden treasures, together, and love the nomadic lifestyle.



How do traveling families afford it?


Some families have saved up for years to take a year or more of travel together. Others are digital nomads, working for themselves or telecommuting. Some families go for a year (or more!), others go for the summer – all of which cost money. Some families rent out their homes so that they have a steady income. But there are still costs, for which you can find deals. There are membership clubs for discounts or annual passes on camping, such as Thousand Trails, or buying a National Parks Pass. For insurance, there are several things to think about – health, travel, driving, theft, etc. One such place to find motorhome insurance is Caravan Club, which can cover all of those (and more). For groceries, many traveling families shop local markets (supporting the local economy while they travel), and cook in their motorhome (or over the campfire). This can save a great deal, vs eating out in restaurants.



What about education?


There’s a variety of educational methods used here, from traditional homeschooling to unschooling. But the overarching theme amongst traveling families is the concept of road schooling, which means learning from where you are, wherever you are. There are so many resources available to explore this, but here’s one teen’s thoughts on learning and traveling.



What about the various kinds of families?


Well, family can mean a lot of things. While some families are two parents and two kids, others travel with extended family, or with two mamas and their kids. The main thing? They all want to learn, together, about the world.


Lastly, there is a lot of support.

There are facebook groups (such as Families on the Road, and Roadschooling) and other places (such as where great amounts of information are shared.  Speaking to the experts – families who do this very thing – you can find everything from what type of motorhome to buy for certain situations, to how to find fast internet, to deals on campgrounds, to how to pack your shelves so things don’t fall out, to how to have a garage sale with all your stuff so you can up and leave. This community is wonderful – and very supportive.


Are you ready to head out on the road?