Foodie Finds: The Dores Inn, Inverness, Scotland

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Dec 01, 2010 / 1 comments

Well. Want to know where we had the VERY BEST fish and chips, hands down, during our recent trip to Ireland and Scotland?

Yes, it is true. After sampling many, many offerings, I can honestly say that the fish and chips at the Dores Inn, near Inverness, Scotland, is my VERY favorite.


fish & chips, Dores Inn


It might have been the light and airy fish. It could possibly have been the incredible fresh composed salad. The chips were crispy. The fish was crispy, and best of all? I didn't feel TOO FULL, which often happens after eating fried food. Highly recommended. Best. Ever.

Oh yes, the steaks are good too (says my husband).


Dores Inn


Perfect ambience right on Loch Ness, the Dores Inn came highly recommended, and in turn, we'll pass that recommendation on to you. It's family run and everyone was extremely friendly. Locally sourced foods, beautiful art on the walls, and an outdoor seating area for when it's nice out. It's the perfect place!


Dores Inn


The Dores Inn
Dores, Scotland (8 miles south of Inverness on B852)
Reservations 01463 751203



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