Foodie Finds for Kids: Bremerton, Washington

by Ashley Steel /
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Apr 14, 2012 / 0 comments

 Bremerton, Washington might not seem like a “foodie” destination.  And, as far as I know, it is not a 5-star gourmet landmark.  However, we found not one but two fantastic, delicious, “cultural” experiences for kids.  Bremerton, the home of a large navy base, is a 60-minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle and either of these restaurants is worth the ferry ride, especially in sunny weather when the ferry ride adds to the adventure!


The first find is Boston Pizza.  Now, I am actually from Boston so I am pretty particular about what I would be willing to accept as authentic Boston culture.  I give this 5+ stars.  You couldn't find better at the end of a pedestrian alley in Boston's North End.  The owner is a cheerful (OK, cheerful in an edgy almost-grumpy, but charming Boston sort of way) Bostonian with an accent to warm your heart.  Ask him to tell you what's in the calzone before you order it.  Just ask and listen patiently.  I couldn't believe there were so many ingredients and I cut him off … my mistake (and he didn't fail to point it out).  Then, just order the calzone.  Kids can share one; hungry adults can just barely finish one.  They come pretty fast as they are par-baked in advance.  There is great pizza but, seriously, just order the calzone and find a seat in the Fenway Park room.  The Fenway Park room has a huge, wall-size mural of Fenway Park, complete with Citgo sign.  Take your picture in from of the park and enjoy the calzone!  We've never failed to find a tasty desert gift at the end of the meal.  Last visit, we were offered little Italian anise cookies that completed the Boston experience to perfection.  Boston Pizza is only a short walk from the ferry terminal, no need to bring a car, at 210 Burwell Street, Bremerton, WA 98337, 360-377-3595.  Good for kids?  I don't think you could ask for better!


Boston Pizza, Bremerton, WA



Our second foodie find requires a car but it's also special.  We were looking around for something different to eat (there are only so many calzones a person can consume) but that might still be as tasty and fun as Boston Pizza (a high bar).  We stumbled on La Poblanita, a brightly colored Mexican restaurant with a friendly staff, a delicious and low-priced menu, and an attached shop for browsing and buying dried peppers.  I ate sopes with carnitas and pollo (one each) while watching soccer, broadcast in Spanish, on a giant television.  Delicious! Only later did we discover that reviews on the Internet for La Poblanita are terrific, with some reviewers claiming it to be the best Mexican food in the area, on the Kitsap peninsula, or even in the whole Pacific Northwest.  We're not alone in finding this restaurant delicious and a great value! La Poblanita is at 2624 6th Street, Bremerton 98312, 360-373-3491.  Good for kids?  They can run around, watch TV, eat great food, be immersed in a culture, and even shop for little toys … how could you beat it?


La Poblanita, Bremerton, WA





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