Hidden Treasures: A Compendium

by Joel Carillet /
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Dec 15, 2008 / 0 comments

Below are links to each of the stories I've written for my "Hidden Treasures" column:

Hidden Treasures: Dien Bien Phu

A Turk Named Mehmet

Prayer in an Uzbek Taxi

Two Rather Old Men in Pakistan's Hunza Valley

A Pharmacist in the Turkish Capital

Grease Stains in China's Fairy Tale Landscape

Ignorance at an Indian Pizza Hut

The Call to Prayer in Medan, Indonesia's Third Largest City

Steamed Dumplings in China's Late Afternoon Light

Neighbors on a Nepalese Bus

An Israeli in China (and then elsewhere)

A Dance in Jerusalem

Strawberry Oatmeal in Singapore

Shanghai Just like Kansas City?

Remembering Norman Rockwell in Vietnam

A Bend in the Mekong

A Pepsi in Panama

Golden Smiles (Literally!)

Willful Electoral Ignorance in Uzbekistan

A Hot Water Tap in Tibet

A Pregnant Plea in Nicaragua

Surprise in a Refugee Camp

Two Swiss in a Chinese Canyon

The Gift of (Another's) Home

Lost (And Found) In Panama on Christmas Eve

Late Night Thoughts at the Coffee Bean

The Press of a (Inaugural) Crowd

The Waterfall Near Dharamsala

A Cold Coke in Halong Bay

The Camels of Tolkuchka Bazaar

The Sorrow of War

Princess Diana's Slip-Up in Lahore

A Building Full of News

The Bliss of Foreign Barbershops

The Sights and Sounds of a Nha Trang Dawn 

Bread and Borscht at a Kyrgyz Cafe

The Curb on Bangkok's Khao San Road

The Airport Layover (Panama City, Panama)

Rip-offs and Hospitality at a Colombian Laundromat

Three American Movies on a Colombian Bus

Stunned by Laughter at a Cambodian Rest Stop

Traveling with Paul Theroux

A Midnight Ride in Yellowstone

The Tumultuous Roads of Tibet

The Tumultuous Roads of Tibet (II) 

The Bridges of Asia

Kind Strangers Who Make our Maps

Ode to the Handwritten Journal

Remembering People through Tragedy

Sunlight and Tea in Turkey

Coffee after Theft in Nepal

Rooms with a View around the World

Rooms with a View around the World (II) 

Rooms with a View around the World (III)

Encouraged by a Waitress in Hue, Vietnam

How an Old Lonely Planet Guidebook still Guides

Looking Back on a Year across Asia

The Egyptian Woman who Saw my Thirst 

The Beauty of a Place Called Port Said

Keeping the (Budget Traveler's) Ten Commandments in Sinai

Watching the World Cup in Syria

Saving Thirty-Five Cents in Ethiopia

The Alleys of the Middle East

The Flea Market in Jaffa, Israel

The People of Petra, Jordan

Eight cats in the Middle East 

Voices from Tahrir Square (Cairo, Egypt)

An Egyptian Man Proud of the Youth

A Night in a Syrian Convent

Penetrating a Diplomatic Compound in Pakistan

Six Places to See the Milky Way

A Country Called Nicaragua

Seeing Asia in Puddles of Rain

Fifteen Photographs of Life and Beauty in the West Bank

Music in Unexpected Places in Southeast Asia

Saturday Night on Bangkok's Khao San Road

Dead of Night in a Russian Jeep

The Beauty of Mileage Markers

A Stretch of the Mekong River

Ten Photographs from Aleppo, Syria

A Silent View from Starbucks in Portland, Oregon

The Dead at Riverside Cemetery in Asheville

Eight Signs from around the World

Melting Ice and Sunrise in Nha Trang, Vietnam

Inside Indonesia's Supervolcano called Lake Toba 

One's Feet, Essential Parts of Travel

Looking Back on Four Years of Stories 

Also, a Photographer of the Month Feature for August 2008.

And a Review my book, 30 Reasons to Travel.


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