Lock-A-Bye: Security and Style in a Travel Bag

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Apr 04, 2011 / 4 comments

We've always got our eyes out for great new products for travel. You aren't surprised?! We're bag and gadget people, I admit it. I've got a great new luggage line that takes care of your worries about theft - Lock-A-Bye. It's a family-owned business (brava!) that produces high-quality, slash-resistant bags for beach, travel, or anything in between. We were lucky enough to talk with one of the founders of Lock-A-Bye, Kathleen Parisi. She filled us in on the history, products, design inspirations, and more.





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WE: Please tell us about Lock-A-Bye...

KP: The Lock-A-Bye is a beautifully crafted, fully secured Tote Bag that’s great for the workplace, great to take on vacation, great to take anywhere! The Lock-A-Bye is truly unique in that it allows you to secure your personal possessions while you work, exercise, enjoy surf, sun, or other activities. Wherever you may go or whatever you do, the Lock-A-Bye provides peace of mind and protection.

The Lock-A-Bye is a slash-resistant Tote Bag that has a key operated, patented dual locking mechanism that allows you to lock the zipper. For added security, the Lock-A-Bye also has a cable sewn throughout the bag and within the shoulder strap. The handle is designed to release from the locking mechanism allowing the bag to be secured to any stationary object.  It effectively makes both the contents of the bag and the bag itself, theft resistant! In addition to all its security features, the Lock-A-Bye is also water and stain resistant.

The Lock-A-Bye combines security with the highest quality and style. Our Tote Bag comes in four fashion designs and basic black, and will surely deliver happiness!


Lock-A-Bye Bags



WE: What was the genesis of your family business?

KP: My family and I vacation together yearly, and enjoy swimming, snorkeling and other beach activities but found ourselves always facing the same dilemma... Somebody always had to stay behind and watch "the bags"!  We noticed that everyone from honeymooners to families shared the same problem. So like most inventions, our idea was conceived by necessity. We created the Lock-A-Bye, a fashionable Tote Bag that we could secure and lock to our beach chairs, allowing us to enjoy activities together. We are finally able to lock and leave our personal belongings behind, not our loved ones!


Lock-A-Bye Bags



WE: Why is it important to use a secure bag?

KP: Everyone carries high price electronics with them that if lost, can be replaced, but the information sometimes cannot be. Whether you carry a cell phone, ipad, ipod, blackberry or similar, cash, credit cards, etc. you have the added peace of mind that your belongings are secure. There have been so many news stories and articles written about theft from malls, restaurants, banquets, networking events, hotel rooms, cruise lines, etc, some who have had their bag stolen, some who have had items stolen from their bag and some who had one credit card stolen...just think of how many headaches an individual person must endure if any personal property gets stolen...why not secure it?


Lock-A-Bye Bags



WE: How can travelers best utilize Lock-A-Bye bags?

KP: Whether your travels take you by cruise, or to an island, hotel room or camping, how do you secure your items? Many people lounge by the pool deck or on the beach with their electronic equipment with them, most have cash, some even have their passports. For example, while swimming in the ocean relax knowing that someone is not rifling through your bag or stealing your bag or feel more comfortable leaving some of your higher-priced jewelry or gifts purchased in your hotel room, knowing that no one else has the key to your bag!


Lock-A-Bye Bags



WE: What inspired your designs?

KP: We utilized a young hip NY designer to design the Tote Bag line and with our pattern and color input - she put together some fantastic combinations.


Lock-A-Bye Bags



WE: Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

KP:Our advice for other inventors/entrepreneurs would be to not give up! No matter how many road blocks are thrown your way, stay positive and determined and believe in yourself and your product! The goal on the forefront of our organization is: Branding, branding, branding.  Getting our name out there is hard enough but coupled with a brand new invention never seen before in the market place is a challenge. We have a high quality product, great technology and it solves a problem for so many people.



WE: Thanks so much, Kathy! I am very impressed with Lock-A-Bye bags and highly recommend them to our Wandering Educators.


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  • Debra Bures

    13 years 2 months ago

    How nice to find a bag that is both functional and attractive! So many travel bags are useful and, what my mother would have called, serviceable. These are much nicer.

    Debra Bures


    ~Keeping the faith that art is alive and is an essential part of all our lives.

  • Glinda

    13 years 2 months ago

    I love bags. I get teased a lot about my bags, but I am always looking for function and looks, and it looks like Lock-A-Bye bags have come up with the perfect solution. Thanks for sharing these with us, WE! 

  • Tabitha McKown

    13 years 2 months ago




    What a smart solution to travel bag woes! The design options are awesome and trendy. I can see myself not just on the beach with these, but shopping in a classy village or sightseeing. Thanks, Wandering Educators! Wouldn't have known about these otherwise! 


    Tabitha McKown


  • Dr. Jessie Voigts

    13 years 1 month ago

    Congrats to our three winners! I've forwarded your information to lock-A-Bye - thansk for commenting! 


    Jessie Voigts, PhD

    Publisher, wanderingeducators.com

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