Luggage and Travel Accessories: Fashion Meets Technology with Kolobags

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As world travelers, we're ALWAYS looking for great luggage! I've found a fantastic resource for hundreds of luggage brands - Kolobags.


Kolobags is the one-stop shop for Luggage and Travel Accessories,  for everyone looking for technology fashion without compromising on style. This online boutique offers the best selection of designer laptop bags, specialty bags and technology accessories available both on- and off-line. I'm that impressed - every time I go there, I find new things to love (and covet!). From hard case bags to bags with luxurious, soft, and beautiful fabrics, Kolobags has it ALL. And, as Founder Elaine Sanders has noted, "One of the reasons to start the business was to have control of our career. A big part of the satisfaction from this is the flexibility to support smaller, entrepreneurial brands and other women-owned businesses."


I love businesses that support other small businesses - I'll always choose an original company over a chain, for my spending. I especially love that Kolobags promotes technology fashion - protecting your technology, from laptop sleeves to hard sided luggage. As a gadget person, I'm always traveling with more gear (and cords) than I ever thought possible. It's critical to protect your investments, and a happy day when you can look good doing so.




We received a very special bag to review from Kolobags, the Mellow World Flossy rolling duffel bag. You can see my video review for the bag, below, but let me tell you about WHY I love this bag. It's made from gorgeous woven fabric, a beautiful red with vibrant flowers. It's sturdy - Mellow World is synonymous with excellence in handmade products. The stitching is beautiful and even; the spot for the telescoping handle is well-hidden and works smoothly. And, the bag makes me happy - the red color lifts my mood, sets me to thinking of all the beautiful red colors I've seen around the world, and the places I can't wait to visit. This bag is full of possibilities. Love it! You can look at my full review here.


Mellow World Flossy rolling duffle bag





If you look on the Kolobags website, you too will be dazzled with possibilities. One of my other favorite products is the Baggallini large bag in a pouch. It's so brilliant - a tiny folding bag that you put in your luggage, and then use it to cart home all the wonderful new things you bought at the market!





I also am intrigued by the Britto collection, hardsided bags designed by contemporary artist Romero Britto. As our 8 year-old artist daughter said, "Mom, THIS is what luggage should be!"





We caught up with Kolobags Co-founder Elaine Sanders, to learn more about the company, technology fashion, and more. Here's what she had to say...



WE: Please tell us about Kolobags...

ES: Kolobags has become synonomous to designer laptop bags and other technology fashion.  Kolobags was started with the concept that technology and fashion are part of everyone's lifestyle, and are both ways to express your identity.  The buyers at Kolobags were ahead of this trend, and continue to
be, with a best selection of designer laptop bags, specialty bags, and technology accessories.  Since its opening in 2004 (before the iPod, believe
it or not!), the online boutique has offered top of the line designs from emerging to established designers from all over the world, including
Kipling, Golla, Tucano, Samsonite, Mandarina Duck, and more.   



WE: What was the genesis of Kolobags?

ES: The Kolobags concept was formed when we wanted something more than the basic, generic laptop bag, which seemed to be all that was available in
store.  Seeing a need, especially at the time for stylish women who had few choices, we started the online boutique with the intent of having the best
selection anywhere of innovative and fashionable laptop bags.  Our selection expanded first with more stylish choices for men and children.  As
technology has become more integrated into lifestyle (think iPhones, smart phones, iPads, etc), we continue to expand the types of bags that we carry,
even to include other bags with a functional purpose, like diaper bags and luggage.  



WE: How do you merge technology, fashion, and style in Kolobags?

ES: Kolobags created the term "technology fashion", which is really about how fashion and technology are merged within a lifestyle.  There is no one size
fits all, not just because there are different gadgets, but also because each person has a unique approach to what they want to express by how they dress and even the gadgets that they carry.  We like to offer a variety of choice so that the bag or case that someone carries expresses what is unique about that person.   At the same time, we only carry tech cases that also offer protection for the technology item while it is in transport.  For Kolobags, we offer no fashion without function. 



WE: What brands do you represent?

ES: At any given time, we offer 100+ brands that range from new designers like Rebagz or Clark and Mayfield, to established brands like Kipling, Samsonite, Heys, Ogio, and Mandarina Duck.



WE: What should travelers look for in certain bags?

ES: Function is key for travelers.  Look for bags that offer a variety of organizational features like easy access exterior pockets.  Also, having a
trolley sleeve allows a bag to fit over the handle of a rolling bag.  One of the most convenient features in the world of air travel today is being
checkpoint friendly.  This means that a laptop can actually stay in the laptop bag or sleeve while going through the x-ray machines at the airport.

Typically this means that the laptop is in a compartment that just unfolds to keep it separate of any metal so the TSA can quickly scan the item.

Several brands that have a variety of these include Skooba, Mobile Edge, and McKlein. 



WE: Thanks so very much, Elaine! I LOVE Kolobags and am so happy to share this with our Wandering Educators!


Readers: Kolobags has generously provided a discount code if you'd like to expand your fashion technology wardrobe!

10% discount code (exp 7/30/11):  WANDERING