Nimman Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand: What It’s Really Like

by Lars Wagoner /
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Nov 14, 2014 / 0 comments

That’s weird, why is there a video embedded in this article? Because I collaborated with a friend of mine to make a video about a modern and trendy street in Chiang Mai.

If you didn’t know: I love filmmaking! When pondering making a video about where we live now,  I instantly wanted to create it with someone. But who? Randy Grant! He used to teach a filmmaking class to school kids in Japan, so it was the perfect team: A retired teacher and a film loving student.

Deciding on what the subject of the film would be was easy. Nimman Road. Yes, this video is about a street in a big city (the 2nd biggest city in Thailand, behind Bangkok), but to me it isn’t only a busy street, it’s a place where you can find fancy restaurants and street vendors all within a few meters. Also, there are many stores (including a mall), great places to eat, and brilliant decorations… literally. There is a small plaza (I mentioned it in this photography post here) with a tree covered in Christmas lights 24/7, and lit at night. In that same plaza, there is a huge statue of a cat with a mustache and a purse… don’t ask why, I have no clue either!






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