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An Exciting Day of Adventure in the French Alps

by Lars Wagoner / Dec 12, 2016 /
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It was a nice summer day in Morzine, a small town in the French Alps about an hour east of Geneva. The trees were highlighted with morning sun, the stream below the house was roaring, and I was fast asleep. 

I don’t remember much about getting up that day, but there is one thought that still goes through my mind every morning: Waking up is difficult. Especially when you start thinking about getting ready to seize the day, ugh… so much work. 

Crazy Traffic in Vietnam

by Lars Wagoner / Jan 11, 2015 /
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One of the most notoriously annoying (and defining) things about cities worldwide is the traffic. New York is known for its taxis, London for the double decker busses… you get my point.

Nimman Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand: What It’s Really Like

by Lars Wagoner / Nov 14, 2014 /
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That’s weird, why is there a video embedded in this article? Because I collaborated with a friend of mine to make a video about a modern and trendy street in Chiang Mai.

What is Meditation?

by Lars Wagoner / Nov 11, 2014 /
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What is Meditation?

Good question! Do you know, most people don’t! Read on to find out.

In the simplest way: meditation is focusing on now. Not yesterday or tomorrow, not even a second ago. One could say it is an art of concentration and relaxation that can be easy to do, but hard to master.

5 Reasons to Visit a Cat Cafe (and 5 Reasons Not To)

by Lars Wagoner / Nov 09, 2014 /
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Have you ever heard of a Cat Cafe? If you haven’t… you’re missing out!


The Star Wars themed Cat Cafe! From 5 Reasons to Visit a Cat Cafe (and 5 Reasons Not To)

Why I love Chiang Mai

by Lars Wagoner / Sep 29, 2014 /
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Chiang Mai: my favorite Thai city! I love Chiang Mai because it is so diverse, quirky, and fun all at the same time. I can prove it to you with a few pictures I took around this amazing city.

A Dream With Gautama

by Lars Wagoner / Sep 23, 2014 /
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I am in the middle of a dirt road, that’s all I know. There are many people walking around a busy market in the middle of a plaza that is covered in dirt and sand. Seeing no other options, I walk along the dusty path toward the crowd. Distressed, I look at the signs and listen to the strange and unfamiliar dialect of the locals. How did I get here? Where am I?

Why footballers should love their job

by Lars Wagoner / Jul 27, 2014 /
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Most people as a kid wanted to be an astronaut, a firefighter, some kind of sports player, a celebrity… But I’m focused on a career that most boys from 7 to 12 want to have: to be a footballer (soccer player).

What Can a Teen Learn from Traveling?

by Lars Wagoner / Jul 06, 2014 /
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Until recently, Africa was one of the continents that I hadn’t visited. In January, I finally got to step foot in Africa. We were taking a week long break from Spain and visiting Morocco. We had brilliant plans: sleep in the Sahara Desert, go to a traditional cooking school, visit Marrakech…

The Weirdness of Castril

by Lars Wagoner / Jun 09, 2014 /
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So, about a year ago, my family and I stayed a few nights in a cave house in Andalusia. We had heard about Castril, a little village buried in the mountains, there was supposed to be a market. Feeling touristy, we decided to go check it out.