The Perfect Travel Food

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What's your perfect travel food? Besides packing in protein bars, water, and dried nuts and fruit, we often pack popcorn. When you've got enough flavors, everyone is happy! It's lightweight, tasty, and pleases everyone.


Chocolate Drizzle Caramel Corn



Recently we discovered Popcorn Palace, in Chicago - can I just say, YUM?!! Now, even MORE reasons to head to Chicago. Don't live in the Midwest? Never fear, Popcorn Palace has an extensive online store so you, too, can munch to your heart's delight on this delicious popcorn.


Popcorn Palace


We were sent several samples - and I have to admit, we are addicted. Our favorites were the Caramel Corn with Fleur de Sel - it was sweet and salty, with a perfect crunch; and the Cookies & Cream (which also had huge chunks of Oreos in the bag!). The Cookies & Cream popcorn was super duper yummy (says our 8 year old) and I have to be honest, disappeared first. The little bits of Oreo dust that were embedded in the sweet popcorn coating was scrumptious.


Popcorn Palace


We also tried the Pink Himalayan Salt...and Pepper - it was perfectly flavored with the salt and pepper - a unique flavor that we'd buy again (and again).

The Chipotle Cheese was not too spicy and light on the cheese - it would be perfect with a beer, outdoors with friends.

Last but not least, we were sent the Chocolate Drizzle. It was (of course) a caramel corn drizzled with chocolate - and delicious! 


Popcorn Palace


Would we order this again? Yes, and next time, we'd probably try other varieties (Caramel Nut, Macadamia Butter Crunch, Pecan Praline, Cinnamon Spice, Ginger Caramel Rogers, Coconut Cloud Nine, Curry, and White Cheddar seem to be my top choices so far) as well as our favorites. Popcorn Palace's commitment to fresh ingredients, taste, and fast shipping are a successful combination. But we wanted to know more (of course!).

We talked with Miyuki Kamiya of Popcorn Palace, to find out the backstory of Popcorn Palace, products, fundraising, and of course, popcorn as the perfect travel food. Here's what she had to say...



WE: Please tell us about Popcorn Palace...

MK: Popcorn Palace searches for ingredients that will make our popcorn stand out in both quality and flavor. We use only the freshest, finest ingredients when creating each of our popcorn flavors, ensuring that every kernel is a taste sensation. From whole macadamia nuts and cashews to French Sea Salt and Pink Himalayan Salt, our ingredients create flavor combinations that are unique and decadent.


Popcorn Palace



WE: How did the business come about?

MK: Brothers Chris and Tim Heitmann, two Michigan City natives, bought the rights to a California-based popcorn company over 15 years ago and brought it back to Chicago.  Beginning with a Navy Pier storefront, the company has evolved into a Naperville, IL retail store location and the Schiller Park, IL corporate location. 



WE: What sorts of products are available at Popcorn Palace?

MK: Popcorn Palace produces more than 30 different gourmet popcorn flavors, some of which are available year round and some of which are specialty flavors only available certain times of year.  Our gourmet popcorn can be purchased in 1-Gallon Value Bags, as part of our gourmet gift items, or by creating a custom popcorn creation using our “Create Your Own Tin” feature.


Popcorn Palace



WE: You've also got fundraising opportunities - can you please share more about that?

MK: Our fundraising program is a simple and profitable way for anyone to raise money.  Popcorn appeals to audiences of all ages, so the product basically sells itself, especially once people see the flavors!    With no up-front costs, no minimum orders and up to 50% in profits, our program is perfect for individuals and large organizations alike. 


Popcorn Palace



WE: Why is popcorn the perfect travel food?

MK: There is no refrigeration required, it’s light and doesn’t take up a lot of room.  Popcorn is also a healthier snacking option, with fewer carbohydrates and calories than other grab and go snack options.  Plus, whether you’re looking for a sweet or savory snack, there’s always a flavor to fit your mood.



WE: Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

MK: Unlike many popcorn companies that mass produce their products using industrial machines, Popcorn Palace hand produces our products in small batches to ensure that each kernel is a perfectly popped, flavorful creation.


Popcorn Palace



WE: Thanks so very much, Miyuki! We love the popcorn from Popcorn Palace and highly recommend it to our Wandering Educators (for travel, or while at home!).



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Note: Thanks to Popcorn Palace for sending us such delicious samples to try.