Postcard from the Heart of the Mountains

by Jackson Duckworth /
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Sep 15, 2013 / 1 comments

The chilly breeze rose and fell on the warm summer day. Clouds drifted aimlessly far above even the highest mountain peaks, and a forested valley fell below them. The only sounds were the chirping birds and the faint rush of a nearby waterfall. The leaves of the aspen trees rustled as another wave of wind flowed through the mountains, like the sigh of a long forgotten giant.


However, a quiet click interrupted the beautiful silence—the click of a photo being taken. For a second, nature went quiet. The birds and the crickets stopped chattering amongst themselves, and I felt as if all of them were watching me. Then they resumed their chirping, finally deciding I could not possibly be smart enough to make that kind of clicking sound.


Weehawken Creek Trail - Postcard from the Heart of the Mountains


I took this photo while on a hike with my dad on Weehawken Creek Trail.  This photo captures the beauty of the San Juan Mountains in Western Colorado. For a fantasy writer like myself, this was paradise. I imagined my characters wandering through these mountains on their way to meet hardhearted mountain dwarves before continuing on their quest to defeat the evil dragon.


Weehawken Creek Trail offers many things to people and creatures other than mountain dwarves. It offers ease to a stressed soul and rest to a busy mind. Not to mention a great place for photographers!


As I lowered the camera from my face, I breathed in deeply, letting the fresh mountain air flow into my lungs. I imagined myself into a world where there were no worries or schedules; a world where nothing existed but the peaceful beauty of what lay in front of me.





Jackson Duckworth is a member of the Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program


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