The Secret to Getting the Most from a Spa Break

by Lexa Pennington / May 24, 2012 /
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Exhausted and need something to revitalize your life? Consider a spa break! Even if you can only spare a day, it’s well worth doing – to unwind, be pampered, and feel beautiful - and full of energy and life.  But where to start? And how do you choose the right spa experience? The secret to getting the most from a spa break is this: you need a plan for maximizing your spa experience.

Here are some tips to getting the most from your spa break:


1.    Think hard – what kind of time can you give to your spa break? Do you want a spa day or a longer time to de-stress? Spa breaks can range from one day jaunts to retreats or camps.


2.    What activities do you want in your spa break? Are you into fitness, beauty treatments and makeup, massages, facials, medical treatments, relaxation, diet or gourmet, a salt sauna, a steam room, a pool?  Once you’ve narrowed down WHAT you want to do, you can search for the perfect experience.


3.    Where do you want to go? Do you want to unearth extended spa weekends and travel somewhere new, or find something in your city? You might choose to travel to and discover a new place, or explore a new corner of your own neck of the woods.


4.    Know your fitness and health level. Don’t head into a fitness bootcamp without your doctor’s approval. Be aware of your health and your ability to do things. For instance, pregnant women should not spend a great deal of time in a hot tub or sauna. Think smart! You want to come out re-energized, not hospitalized.


5.    What can you afford? Some spa breaks may be more than your budget can allow. You don’t want to overspend your budget and stress out about it for the next month – this is supposed to energize you, not deflate you! Look around for discounts, watch online offers, or call your perfect spa midweek and see if they have a reduced rate for their slow times. Once you’ve done a spa break, you’ll start budgeting for it – it can be a life-changing experience, and worth doing more than once in a blue moon!


6.    Prepare. Clear all the work from your desks at work and at home. Find someone to watch your house and pets, if you’ll be gone for a few days. Set your email to auto-responder, and leave a similar message on your cell phone. It’s time to break away from daily life and truly take a spa holiday. It’s worth it!


7.    Re-entry. You come back all relaxed, pampered and ready to face life again. But what’s this? Your neighbors are arguing, your inbox is overflowing, the lines at the grocery store are horrendous, and you feel your serenity wisping away. Hold onto it! Breathe. This is daily life – you’ve got to approach it with calmness. Take everything one step at a time – clear your inbox, soothe the neighbors, order takeout until you can get to the grocery store. Your spa break gave you back your SELF – keep it from floating away with the detritus of everyday life. Live as best you can, and integrate some of your spa routines (swimming? Candles? Massage?) into your daily life.