STA Travels the World: What Do You Want to Know?

by Dr. Jessie Voigts /
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Aug 14, 2011 / 0 comments

We LOVE STA Travel - it's a great resource for student and educator travel (hello, world!). And we especially love the new videos from STA, entitled Move, Eat, Learn. Three videos that capture the essence of six weeks of global travel.


We asked STA for the backstory to Move, Eat, Learn. Here's what they had to say...



From humble beginnings as a simple idea conceived here at STA Travel HQ on Southbank, to the amazing execution by Rick Mereki, Tim White and featuring actor Andrew Lees, the ‘MOVE, EAT, LEARN’ clips have taken the online world by storm. Not bad for an Australian-born creative campaign managed entirely in-house.


The story of the production is as fascinating as the clips themselves. With a tight budget for a series of TVCs, the STA Travel’s Adam Fyfe hit up his friends, indie film-makers Rick and Tim for the task of capturing the world in a minute: a streamlined, guerilla-style shoot with only a fewpairs of hands and a small dSLR kit. The six week trip kicked off in May this year, taking in Thailand, Spain, Italy, France, Argentina, Peru and the USA.


Cue the rumblings of a certain Chilean volcano in June, and the improvising wasn’t onlyhappening on screen. Unable to fly in South American air-space, the lads immediately went into‘roadtrip mode’ heading overland from Argentina to Bolivia, allowing them to grab footage theymight otherwise have missed.


When we saw what the guys brought back, we were gobsmacked.


Just like everybody else, it seems. Combined with Kelsey James’s moving instrumental backing the arresting ‘MOVE, EAT, LEARN’ visuals drop the viewer right in the middle of the heady whirl of sensation and emotion that makes travel such a powerful and transforming experience. It’s fair to say that MOVE has captured the imagination of the online world, being Tweeted and re-Tweeted in English, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, German, French. It has, literally, been shared around the globe.



‘MOVE, EAT, LEARN’ are three expressions of STA Travel’s engagement philosophy of being your ‘mate in the know’ for all things travel-related. To fire the imagination of people around a shared passion for travel, we’ve flipped that label into a question: what do you want to know?