Top Five Cities to Visit in France

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Oct 25, 2011 / 0 comments

For most of us, a city break to France revolves around a trip to Paris. While Paris is undoubtedly one of the top cities to visit in anywhere in Europe and even the world, there is still much more to France than its capital. Here are our top five favourite cities to visit in France, and yes that does include Paris. It would have to really, wouldn’t it?




Lyon is the second biggest city in France and is home to a number of outstanding art galleries and museums. Visitors can also enjoy a thriving nightlife and many wonderful restaurants to take their pick from for an evening out. The historic old town is also a designated UNESCO World Heritage site and is well worth a visit.


When exploring Provence, Avignon is an absolute must. The city is full of stunning art and architecture such as the Pond d’Avignon, the medieval fortress and the Palais des Papes. If you’re a little tired on your feet from such a bounty of cultural sites, a great pastime in Avignon is to people watch. It’s up there with Paris as a spot to watch the world go by, so take a load off with a coffee or glass of wine and get watching.


Clearly it had to be in the list as it is and will always be the top city to visit in France. What more can we say about Paris that hasn’t already been said? Home to world famous architecture, museums and art galleries and some of the most cosmopolitan areas anywhere in Europe, Paris is truly a wonder to visit. It’s also easily accessible from the UK on the Eurostar; there really is no excuse not to go.


Strasbourg is both pretty and cosmopolitan; home to the usual bountiful array of restaurants, museums and art galleries expected of any French city. It is also home to the European Parliament which brings a little edge to this city, setting it apart from some of its counterparts for a visit.


Dijon is the historical capital of the region of Burgundy and is home to many magnificent museums, and the stunning buildings make wandering round the city a very pleasurable experience. Also, if you’ve got a taste for mustard this may well be the city for you.


With so many great holiday deals to be found for a trip to France, why not take in a few of these wonderful cities while away?





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