Travel Broadens your Horizons

by Anevay Darlington / Nov 28, 2013 / 0 comments


The cliché Travel broadens your horizons is so true.


Lake Titicaca, Peru

Lake Titicaca, Peru


My life changed completely two years ago, when I left the country for the first time. I knew that each country was different, with distinct cultures and languages, but it never really registered until I actually experienced being in a different country. When I got back from my first trip (two months, starting in Iceland, ending in Spain, with multiple countries in between), I was different - still me, but different. I was less shy, more ready to face adventure, and knowledgeable about the need to learn a language (still working on that). I became more curious about things, as well as more independent.


Seven countries later (not including my own), I feel like I can do anything. Along with seeing new places, my community has grown so much with travel. I’ve met amazing people, and from this I’ve gotten amazing opportunities (such as the Wandering Educators Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program) that will definitely benefit my life.


In general, I love almost everything about travel, although there are exceptions. A stinky apartment in Lisbon that made me want to puke… wasn’t my favorite, but it makes for a good story (in some conversations; know your audience).


Reyjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland


I took this picture two years ago, in Reykjavik (the capital and largest city), Iceland - my first foreign country. This was one of the first pictures I took there. Yes… the picture is not of the best quality, but that doesn’t really matter to me. When I look at the picture now, I remember how excited I was about traveling and how much I’ve experienced since then.


I can’t stress enough how amazing travel is - the people you meet, the food (one of the best part in my eyes), and how much you learn. You’ve probably heard this before, but you learn so much history from travel! Textbooks, you’re going down! I’ve gotten so much out of travel; I will make sure it continues to take a huge part in my life.



Anevay Darlington is a member of the Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program


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