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Bargain-seeking folks from all around the world venture in and out of flea markets every day. Some loaded down with goods and unique finds, while others wait patiently to stumble upon exactly what they were looking for. Walking into a Flea Market for your first time can be overwhelming. If you don’t know what you’re looking for or what items are treasured, a flea market can be challenging. People who have conquered the challenge of successfully flea marketing share their stories, share secrets on where to find the best items, and show how to redecorate your house with treasures found at the flea market.


Exploring a local flea market

Exploring a local flea market


Stumped on what you should be looking for at a flea market? Funky Junk Sisters will help you find what you should be on the lookout for. Funky Junky Sisters gives you an idea of what is most desired by people at flea markets. Funky Junky Sisters also has an antique show that you can visit. They have handpicked vendors selling their own creations and finds, at the antique show. It’s a great blog to get help from when redecorating your house.


When on the lookout for some great stores to find your rustic treasures, Bargain hunters shares their secrets on where the best flea markets, festivals, and annual garage sales are hidden. Not only does Bargain Hunters tell you when and where to go for great deals, they also give you links to online websites to help find your own great deals!


Sometimes people search at flea markets for pieces of unique art that are rare finds. Two Women Country Chic is a store with antiques and art. Lucky for us, they have an online website! You can shop online at their store which includes arts, antiques, vintage items, and jewelry items from the folk artist Diana Chelf.


When flipping through an interior design book, we often wonder if it is actually possible to decorate your house how you desire. And where do they find all those unique, creative pieces?! Check out the blog Sweet Young Journey. She shares a blog with us on decorating her house. She provides details on her projects, new pieces she collects, how she finds those pieces, and how she decorates her rooms as the seasons change and different holidays fall upon us. This lady shows us that decorating your house with your original finds is possible, and shares her journey along the way.


Summer projects are an adventure. Often people need a guide to help them along the way. I usually get myself into a big mess and end up with a half-finished project. At Richwood Flea Market’s website, they have great blogs on summer projects and ways to spice up your flea market findings. Richwood Flea Market also has blogs on things you can do with your flea market findings.


If you like decorating your house as if you lived on the beach, Coastal Charms website is for you. The website creator is an interior designer who shares her decorations with you. She is the owner of Coastal Charms Interiors, and decorates by the perfect while out and about.


Need a refresher from your ordinary flea market blogs? Fancy Flea Market contains all! They have blogs about books, food and drinks, thrifty finds, and much much more. Flea Market Fancy is a vintage home and garden market website. They even host their own flea market! Click here for more unique things to see from her page!


An inside look at a local flea market called "Deb's Trendy Market"

An inside look at a local flea market called "Deb's Trendy Market"



Whatever you wish to find when journeying through the aisles of a flea market, these websites will help you find just what you’re looking for. They will even give you hints and tips on whether what you’re buying is just right, and what you should be on the lookout for. Now, the knowledge of where to venture to the next flea market comes with ease. Who knows…maybe you will even create your own blog?



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