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Spots the Tourists Miss In Ireland

by irishfireside / Feb 13, 2018 /
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Ireland offers a lot more than Killarney and Blarney, so while you’re making your way to these big-time tourists spots, try including some lesser-visited destinations...they’re so close by and in many cases outdo their big name neighbor.

Tips for Better Travel Photos

by irishfireside / Jul 19, 2017 /
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Digital photography has changed how we take and share photos. For travelers, the days of heavy camera bags and multiple rolls of film are gone. Be it technology or technique, here are some tips for getting the most out of your digital camera while traveling.


Got A Great Irish Recipe?

by irishfireside / Mar 24, 2010 /
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Here's a query for Irish, Irish-American, and Irish-inspired recipes from our friends Corey and Liam (our Ireland Editors) at Irish Fireside:

STORY-OF... The Wisdom of Life and Travel

by irishfireside / Dec 19, 2009 /
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No single title pins down Wakako Takagi. She’s an artist, designer, traveler, educator and storyteller.


Should Educators Stay Home This Year?

by irishfireside / Mar 04, 2009 /
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Live Your Road Trip Dream

by irishfireside / Feb 24, 2009 /
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Yesterday I returned from a 40-day road trip around the US, and although that span may appear to have Biblical proportions, it simply wasn’t long enough.

Irish Fireside Daily Giveaway

by irishfireside / Dec 01, 2008 /
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Spontaneous Trip To Oz

by irishfireside / Nov 21, 2008 /
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Early on a Friday morning in March 2003, I got an unexpected call from a friend who worked at Harley-Davidson. The call went something like this...


Taking a Virtual Trip to Ireland and Beyond

by irishfireside / Nov 05, 2008 /
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From Penny-Pincher to Poshie in Dublin

by irishfireside / Nov 01, 2008 /
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Street view of Dublin

My original plan was to experience Dublin on a budget...sleep cheap, eat cheaper and tackle the city’s free and nearly free attractions. The opportunities for inexpensive siteseeing were endless, and things certainly started out on the right track.