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You eat this? Crazy.

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Foods are what keep us alive, right? So why does the human race eat food like “Bandit Burger! And if you don’t want a mile long one then how about a junior Bandit Burger!”? (Courtesy of Mc Donalds commercial.) I mean really, why not a smelly durian fruit?

A Quick Guide to Wolves

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The Tall Ships of the World

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The Tall Ships of the World


Tall ship


A Train In The Sky

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A train is a loud thing when you are in it, and this train was no exception. In the rear of the train, we stationed ourselves. For most of the time, it was quiet. I sat in the very back with the sun beating the hills around me, creating yellows brighter and more pure than any painter could create and bringing out the greens in the trees. The wind blew about me, whipping the hair around my face. This was a tour of New Zealand that is extremely cool. It brings you through places you can’t get to without taking a train. No cars were able to come, and there were no airports.

Rivers and Oceans

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The Colossal Squid shocks the world

by Gabriel Miller / Apr 09, 2013 / 1 comments

Seven Things Teen Flyers Can’t Live Without

by Gabriel Miller / Apr 07, 2013 / 1 comments

Katherine is a good friend of mine, even though we have only met a few times. We wrote this article together because, first of all, we think that having these items is a helpful thing for first time flyers, and that teens should at least have been warned that they would want or need these things. Whether they decide to use this info for their own good or not is up to them. Another reason is that we are experienced flyers, and both of us carry these things when we go flying.

The Buffalo Market in Tana Toraja, Indonesia

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Sailing the World

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Teen Travel Favorites: Adventure, the Unexpected, and Boiled Octopus

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