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Hotel Lucia in Portland, Oregon - A Stylish Respite

by Shelley Seale / Nov 21, 2009 /
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To a frequent traveler, it often seems as if the concept of the boutique, designer hotel has become so prolific and overdone that it’s hardly a special distinction anymore. They can be as ubiquitous as chain hotels in urban destinations, and their understated style, service and amenities are simply expected.

Glam it up Hollywood Style at Hotel DeLuxe in Portland

by Shelley Seale / Nov 20, 2009 /
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Secluded Luxury in the Shadow of Majestic Haystack Rock

by Shelley Seale / Nov 20, 2009 /
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Haystack Rock rises majestically from the ocean and looms over the seascape along Pacific City, a charming town on Oregon’s North Coast. The massive rock creates the center point for this rugged, wild, imposing landscape – although less dramatic sand dunes and colorfully striated cliffs set it off.

Turk's Lodgings: Secluded Hideaway in Cannon Beach, Oregon

by Shelley Seale / Nov 18, 2009 /
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Charming Cannery Pier Hotel in Coastal Astoria, Oregon

by Shelley Seale / Nov 16, 2009 /
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Cannery Pier Hotel

Cannery Pier Hotel, in the charming northern Oregon coastal town of Astoria, is truly unique. Built on the site of the former Union Fish Cannery – in fact on the original 100-year-old pilings – the hotel offers guests unparalleled views of a real working river, as well as views of the shipping lanes out to Cape Disappointment Lighthouse and nearby Washington.

Photography Through a New Lens

by Shelley Seale / Sep 24, 2009 /
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Glenn Losack
is a different kind of photographer. He's also a psychiatrist, and his

Getting Lost and Finding Home in Marrakech's Winding Medina

by Shelley Seale / Sep 01, 2009 /
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Morocco is the magical spot of Northern Africa. With its energetic and ancient cities, rugged deserts and mountains, spices and music and creativity, Morocco enchants. Few places in the world offer such cultural, social and geographical diversity.

Far From the Madding Crowds - An Oasis of Serenity in Goa, India

by Shelley Seale / Jul 22, 2009 /
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In this small village of Loutolim in the southern coastal state of Goa, India, life continues much as it has for hundreds of years. And at the restored Portuguese mansion turned guest house, Casa Susegad, you can escape the madding crowds of Anjuna and Calangute for a secluded hideaway that is sure to bring peace.