Banana Dessert Mini-Eggrolls

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My kids raved about a dessert we tried at Peppermint, a nearby Thai restaurant (actually, they devoured everything they had, but the dessert was the easiest one to figure out all the ingredients:).

We decided to recreate it at home. Truth be told, my oldest had to bring in a food to share in one of her classes, so we thought it was a good excuse to give it a try.

These were simple to put together and really tasty. If I were making this to serve, I’d pair it with some vanilla ice cream drizzled with caramel and chocolate sauce, and pop these along the side.

Banana Dessert Mini-Eggrolls Recipe

Banana Dessert Mini-Eggrolls Recipe

Servings: Lots!

Prep time: 20 minutes


3 Bananas


1 package small square wonton wrappers (3-inch squares)

Oil for frying


Heat your oil to medium-high heat while you prepare your eggrolls.

Cut the bananas into 1-1 1/2 inch sticks–cut the banana into a 1-inch piece, then divide lengthwise into fours.

Put out the wonton wrappers on either a cutting board or cooking sheet. Place a cut piece of banana in the center of each wrapper. Add a teaspoon sized dollop of Nutella on each banana piece.

Have a shallow bowl of water handy. Using your finger, add a little water to the edge of the wrappers to help them stick. Fold on corner of the wrapper in toward the filling. With the other two sides remaining, fold them in toward the first folded side and press down to make sure the dough sticks. Finally, fold over the top side. The packets should not contain any air, just filling.

Repeat with the remaining wonton wrappers or until you’re ready to stop making little banana packets:)

Fry the packets for about 2-3 minutes, turning occasionally. Serve warm. We discovered cold banana eggrolls weren’t so tasty.


Kristen J. Gough is the Global Cuisines & Kids Editor for Wandering Educators. This article was originally published on her site, My Kids Eat Squid, and is republished with permission.