Passports with Purpose 2009 - Supporting Education in Cambodia

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Dec 19, 2009 / 0 comments

Passports with Purpose 2009 - Supporting Education in Cambodia

If you've been on twitter lately, check out #PWP. It's incredible, the amount of support that the world has been pouring into Passports with Purpose this year. 


We've written about Passports with Purpose - and our donations - here.


How much has been raised? Over $23,000 so far! The goal of $13,000 to build a school in Cambodia has been surpassed. Now PWP is working toward a goal of $26,000 to fund school improvements, including clean water, healthy meals, and medical care. We're so very impressed!



How can you help? Each $10 raffle ticket goes straight to the Passports School Fund. You can choose from so many very cool prizes - trips, cameras, gift cards, backpacks, a tent, travel clothing, and much more. There are so very many travel bloggers and travel companies that are donating/sponsoring Passports with Purpose.


See the difference we can make in the world?


The Raffle closes Dec 21st.


To help support building the Passports school in Cambodia, please head to: