Pull a chair up to the fire -- the Irish Fireside that is

by Robert Todd Felton / Dec 18, 2008 /
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Pull a seat up to the fire – the Irish Fireside that is. Click on over to the Irish Fireside for a chance at winning A Journey into Ireland's Literary Revival. While you are there, check out his list of great Irish gifts and other wonderful things. He has hand selected a number of gift suggestions that are both interesting and thoughtful. I am very honored to be included in his list because it's a great site.


Ireland's Literary revival


Also, check out Corey Taratuta’s column here at Wandering Educators for more tips and recommendations on all things Irish. With the U.S. economy continuing to slide, maybe heading over to search for the pot of gold and the end of the rainbow isn’t such a bad financial strategy after all. At least your time and money is better spent in Ireland than with the stock market!