Research for Indigenous Social Action and Equity Conference in Tulalip, Washington

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The Research for Indigenous Social Action and Equity Center (RISE) ( at the University of Michigan) will host its inaugural Research for Indigenous Social Action and Equity Conference (RISE Conference) from March 11-13, 2024, at the Tulalip Resort in Tulalip, WA. Indigenous researchers will provide usable resources, skills, and materials to create lasting and systemic change in Indian Country. 

Research for Indigenous Social Action and Equity Center

The RISE Conference is designed to connect Indigenous research to key issues facing tribal communities and Native people everyday. Using Indigenous peer-reviewed science, the conference includes specialized tracks that allow attendees to learn from Indigenous researchers together in active dialogue and apply key learnings to real-time issues attendees are facing in their work everyday.

These tracks also cover some of the most pressing issues Native communities face, such as:

INVISIBILITY | Combatting Indigenous Invisibility and Bias
EDUCATION | Leveling the K-12 Playing FIeld to Protect Indigenous Childrens
VIOLENCE | Combating the Violence Native Communities Face

Every session includes direct conversations between our panels and attendees. Participants will have real resources, including white papers, talking points, reference sources for all research presented, and the ability to contact researchers directly even after the conference ends. RISE is creating and providing tools and resources that will allow attendees to drive change using Indigenous research. 

Confirmed speakers and panelists include: 

Representative Debra Lekanoff (Tlingit), Washington’s 40th Legislative District State Representative (Confirmed)
Dr. Stephanie Fryberg (Tulalip), Director, Research for Indigenous Social Action and Equity Center and Professor at the University of Michigan (Confirmed)
Dr. Barbara Rogoff, UC Santa Cruz Foundation Distinguished Professor of Psychology (Confirmed)
Dr. Megan Bang (Ojibwe), Director, Center for Native American and Indigenous Research and Professor at Northwestern University (Confirmed)
Dr. Karina Walters (Choctaw), National Institute of Health Tribal Health Research Office Director and University of Washington Professor (Confirmed)
Additionally, the RISE Conference will host a grant writing workshop, Making the Invisible Visible: Insider Tools to Securing Funding for Indian Country, that will provide insider knowledge to Native peoples, communities, and tribes that can help secure funding to advance Native equity. 

Early bird registration is open until February 19, 2024! Visit to be a part of this innovative conference.

About the Research for Indigenous Social Action and Equity Center:

RISE is a multidisciplinary collaborative of humanists and humanistic social scientists dedicated to undoing Indigenous inequalities. We conduct rigorous research to understand Indigenous experiences and uplift Indigenous voices and well-being.