How to Get a Study Abroad Grant

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If you wish to go abroad on a study grant, now is the right time. For one, many educational institutions in Europe and Asia are opening their doors to other nationalities. One thing’s for sure: getting a degree from these colleges or universities offers a great deal of advantages when you are applying for jobs in your country.

Aside from this, getting a degree from a foreign educational institution can be rewarding. It provides you the opportunity to engage other cultures, learn a new language, and form lasting bonds. In fact, most companies in the United States prioritize applicants with experience overseas

There’s a lot more you can get from the experience of studying abroad. It’s only a matter of knowing how to find and apply for a study grant that provides a ticket to better opportunities overseas.

How to Get a Study Abroad Grant

Get certified

Study grants have very specific requirements when it comes to selecting possible candidates. To increase your chances of getting accepted, you can always acquire professional certifications for specific areas.

Aside from showing a good undergraduate rank, you also need to show that you have undergone additional training. Project Management Professional certifications are a good start. You might as well consider undergoing PMP certification training from the right institutions. Opt for institutions that provide a comprehensive course for acquiring the right credentials.

Research online

After getting all the needed credentials, you can now proceed to search for a study grant. There are many ways to start searching. The obvious and most practical way is to search sites such as Transitions Abroad,, or You can find listings of specific study grants you may be eligible for.

If you have a particular country in mind, you can always visit embassy websites. For instance, you can visit the French embassy website to find grants that are open to foreigners. You might also find exchange programs you may want to take part in.

Get recommendations 

A requirement to apply for study grants is to submit recommendations from your employer or your former university. Once you have chosen the right grant for you, you will probably need to be endorsed by either your employer or college dean, or sometimes both.

For this, you will need to prepare an effective letter that outlines your need for continuing education abroad. Make sure to edit the letter and include only information that’s relevant to your request for endorsement.

Collect references

Aside from endorsements, foreign educational institutions will also take time to look into your references list. Sometimes, we’re tempted to use family members and friends as references for a professional study grant, but this only passes off as bad practice. Get references from co-workers and college professors instead, since they have the credibility needed to gauge your professional and academic ability.

Save up

Even though certain study grants offer allowances, you will still need to have extra pocket money to bring along. Before the date of your arrival, you need to save just about enough to serve as your contingency fund. You can also use portions of this fund to buy souvenirs for your family, friends, and coworkers back home.

How to Get a Study Abroad Grant