Promoting International Humanities Education

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In my previous article, I expressed my disappointment in my students’ choice of majors (I’m a student advisor for predominantly Chinese international students at an ESL school). Most of them choose either business, management, finance, or accounting because they believe those majors are less complicated for international students and the job prospects in those fields are relatively more compelling.   

Are You Ready for an Education Abroad?

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By working as a student advisor for predominantly Chinese international students at an ESL school, I have been exposed to a different world I never envisioned. I thought I could relate to the students on a deeper level, because I came to the states from Mainland China about seven years ago as an international student.

#StudyAbroadBecause it’s 110% worth it

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Originally from Ashburn Virginia, Kiara Lee is a junior bioengineering student minoring in Spanish and Chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh. Her study abroad experience began the summer after her freshman year, when she studied abroad in Chile with a program called Plus3. This program was a partnership between the engineering and business schools at Pitt where students learned about the economy and various businesses in Chile.

I set out to travel the world in search of better ways to educate our children

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We can learn much from those who have searched for answers. One such seeker of knowledge is Ed Berger, who continually impresses me with his curiosity, love for learning, and sense of adventure. We've shared their family's worldschooling adventures - now it's time to share his. 

Traveling the World? What Do You Want to See? One Family's Global Education

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It is with great, great pleasure that I share with you a remarkable story and video. It comes from Alex Berger, a friend and fellow international educator, who runs a fantastic site called Virtual Wayfarer (here's our interview with him!).

#StudyAbroadBecause it will help you to meet an open doorway with an open mind

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Triana's Aquatic Virgin

by La Sevillana / Aug 06, 2009 /
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I live in the Triana neighborhood of Seville. Triana, legendary (and some would say, mythological) home of bullfighters and gypsies. There's a certain romance here, I like to think, that you won't find in other districts. It's a nice neighborhood, made even nicer by the fact that we now have (yet) another virgin.