English as an International Language Conference

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Jul 01, 2009 / 0 comments

English as an International Language Conference

The English as an International Language Journal, supported by the
Asian EFL Journal and Dokuz Eylul University announce the inaugural
International EIL Conference to be held in Izmir, Turkey in October 2009.

More information: http://www.asian-efl-journal.com/Call-for-Papers-Izmir-Turkey-2009.php

 The aim of this conference is to bring together EFL practitioners from across the Globe to exchange views on a wide range of issues on English as an International Language, its expansion across the globe, the impact on local cultures and within cultures;- Papers discussing second language acquisition theories (ELT EFL ESL) in practice and research will also be presented.

Invited Speakers include:-

Prof. Sandra L. McKay

Prof Cem Alptekin (Boğaziçi University Turkey)
Prof. Dr. Gül Durmuşoğlu (Anadolu University Turkey)

Prof. Roger Nunn (UK)
Dr. Paul Robertson (Aust)
Dr. Ahmet Acar (Turkey)

Prof. John Fanselow (USA)
Dr. Bradley Horn (USA)

Proposals (up to 250 words) for 30 minute presentations should be
related to :

1. EIL -English as an International Language
2. General ELT themes: new trends in approaches, methods and
techniques; syllabus design, textbook evaluation, the role of culture
in language teaching, the use of literature in language teaching etc.

More information: http://www.asian-efl-journal.com/Call-for-Papers-Izmir-Turkey-2009.php