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Unite For Sight's High Impact Volunteer Abroad Opportunities: As Featured Weekly On CNN International and Recently in The New York Times

Volunteer Abroad in Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer:


Ghana, Honduras, India

Volunteers Are Part Of Global Problem Solving And Have The Thrill Of Experiencing and Contributing To Change on the Highest Level. With The Assistance of Volunteers Like You, Unite For Sight Has Restored Sight To 16,000 Patients and Provided Eye Care to 600,000

How Do I Apply? The application as well as complete details about Unite For Sight's international opportunities are available at


Who Is Eligible To Volunteer Abroad?: Volunteers are 18 years and older, and there is no upper age limit. Volunteers range from undergraduate/college students to medical and optometry students, public health students and public health professionals, business students, filmmakers and photographers, nurses and nursing students, social workers, physician assistants, teachers and educators, opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists.

What Do Volunteers Do?:

*Hands-On Clinical Service: Assist eye doctors in rural villages, refugee camps, and slums in Ghana, India, and Honduras

*Community-Based Outreach Programs: Local eye doctors and Unite For Sight volunteers work together to provide eye care for patients living in extreme poverty

*Effective and Sustainable: Volunteers are immersed in effective, sustainable international health and development programs

*See Results: Volunteers immediately see the joy on patients' faces when their sight is restored after years of blindness.

*Entrepreneurial Volunteering: Volunteers are encouraged to be proactive and entrepreneurial to develop their own projects and programs that dovetail with Unite For Sight's outreach programs

What Do Volunteers Say?: Hundreds of volunteer narratives, volunteer diaries, as well as videos of alumni volunteers and partner eye doctors, are available on the Unite For Sight website: http://www.uniteforsight.org/volunteer-abroad

"I can honestly say that everything I learned in 3 years of medical school paled in comparison to the 3 week experience I had in Accra (Ghana) in October 2007 as part of Unite For Sight. The program provides volunteers with a unique and hands-on involvement -- being able to help out to the level of your training and comfort. My experience taught me that Ghanaian people are the friendliest people I have interacted with anywhere in the world, that ordinary people involved with Unite For Sight are making extraordinary differences, and that sitting in a classroom receiving a world-class education cannot match real life experiences while volunteering."--Varun Verma, UMDNJ Medical Student, Unite For Sight Volunteer in Ghana

"I arrived in Ghana with an open-mind and heart, eager to gain knowledge and provide help to others less fortunate than myself.  I soon realized my life, as I knew it, would forever be transformed.  Volunteering with Unite For Sight helped me to build a foundation towards my ultimate career goal of becoming an Optometrist.  I gained tremendous amounts of knowledge and skill in eye health care while working at the community-based eye camp in Accra and also during outreach screenings in a variety of rural villages throughout the country. Nothing can take away my six weeks, nor could leaving remove my new found dedication and determination to continue and help fight against blindness and preventable eye diseases in poverty-stricken countries. I look forward to my return as the spirit of Ghana forever resides in my soul."--Nicole Caslow, Florida State University Student, Unite For Sight Volunteer in Ghana