PCubed Pick-pocket proof adventure travel pants - A review

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A little while ago I received a pair of pants in the mail. Little did I know how quickly they would become the #1 favourite pair of pants in my repertoire!


The Pick-Pocket Proof (P^cubed) Adventure Traveler Pants by ClothingArts are now the only pants I take in my backpack when I head out the door on adventure. (If I'm not wearing them at the time, in which case I'm wearing shorts, unfortunately not the P3 Adventure Shorts...yet.)  They're built out of a very rugged 25% nylon/75% cotton canvas material that is water, stain, and tear resistant. They look good, they feel good, and I happily clothe my loins in them. But the most unique feature has got to be the well thought out, and well placed, protective pockets.


P3 Adventure Pants



There are zippers, buttons, flaps, clasps, and hidden pockets aplenty. You can store your passport, other documents, or a smart phone in inner pockets accessed only through the outer pockets. Having spent time living and working in a number of countries around the world, I feel confident in saying that these are the most pick-pocket proof accoutrements I've ever encountered. And they're so competently integrated into a functional everyday item! I use the larger cargo pockets on the thigh for carrying my point and shoot camera and my notebook within easy reach. Inside the right hip pocket there is a little coin pocket that works brilliantly for keeping keys, and since these pockets zip up, there is zero chance of it falling out. The seams are reinforced, the buttons robust and capable, and the fit comfortable.


P3 Adventure Pants



As for field testing? There aren't many pickpockets in the temperate rainforest of western Canada so instead I got a couple friends to try to see how deftly they could try to get inside my pants. Even though I'd had a tasty beverage they were still out of luck. Now for testing out the adventure in the adventure pants… I've taken them camping in the snow, climbing up mountains, and rambling many a kilometre through the rainforest and past waterfalls. They've been muddy, they've been wet, and they've been taken over logs and creeks. After two months of solid use, they're still as good as new.


P3 Adventure Pants



I was sent the Adventure Pants to review but they also make Business Pants, and Business Shorts, that don't have the cargo pocket mid-thigh and have a more streamlined business look.


P3 Adventure Pants



You can probably tell by now that I really like these pants. The only thing I don't like about them? Soon the seasons will change and it'll be shorts weather again. Now it's time to start my Quest for Adventure Shorts!


P3 Adventure Pants



Pick-Pocket Proof Adventure Traveler Pants come in Green, Grey, or Black, cost $109.95, and are available online at http://clothingarts.com/



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